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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

CBC Music

CBC Music: Jian's new wave, CBC Music: Jian's new wave Radio, Play CBC Music: Jian's new wave Live, CBC Music: Jian's new wave Listen Online

CBC Music: Jian's new wave
CBC Music: Jian's new wave

CBC Music: Jian's new wave

Give us a chance to get even. Let's make it . Uh, CBC Music: Jian's new wave? We've already lost twice. You want to throw more money away? Hey, buddy. Your girl wants to play. Maybe you should take a hike? Yeah? And why don't you shut the... Okay, let's... Just rack 'em. Right. I think I'll take this one. Ah, catch me! That was most incredible. Truly transcendental. I have never felt so alive. Cece! Did you... You can do it! Think of the gold, my friend! I am thinking! I'm thinking I'm gonna take a dirt nap. Come on, Cece! You can do it! You've just got to keep moving. You keep moving! I'll just wait here until you get back. We're never going to catch them at this rate. University costs grand a year! That's grand per degree. Times seven kids, that's , for the lot! All right. That's it! That's it! Way to go, Cece! Keep moving, keep moving. Whoa! Are you okay? Yeah. You are a regular spiderman. And you... are a regular idjit. Okay, you guys, come on. We gotta get moving. Eight ball, corner. Yeah, right. Yes! Okay, time to go. I was just starting to have fun. If you don't leave now, they're going to break your thumbs. I believe I have just been hustled. What? This is it. This is Radio's claim! We made it! ? We made it, we made it... ? ? CBC Music: Jian's new wave... ? Hey, hey, hey... Trailer still had a couple of days to file his claim. Poor guy never had any luck. So, what do we do now? We pound in our stakes. What for? I mean, there's got to be stakes all over the place here, why don't we just put our name on 'em? No, we're not doing that. Trailer's stay. Out of respect for the old man. Well, how many of our stakes do we need? About ? What are you talking about, ? Four posts per claim. claims. feet square per claim. Is that all? Well, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Start your engines. You are a hustler. You were gonna hustle me until that cowboy came along. Sorry. Habit. Some kids babysat. I played pool. I wouldn't have taken your money. Yeah. Oh, God, the look on that guy's face when you beat him? That was worth the trip. God, it felt like old times today, hey? Easy. I mean, you know, before we... No, yeah. It felt good. I'm happy you're happy. You and Official Trailer. Thanks. And I'm happy for you and Alex. Wait. You knew? Really? We tried keeping it quiet. Yeah, like that ever works. I'm done. That's the last one. What the...? Let's go, let's go! Let's get out of here! Go! Go! Look at 'em run. They'll be halfway back to Yellowknife by tonight. Stay down. We've got to get to the claims office before them. How? I've got a plan. They're ripping up our stakes. I'll go back with CBC Music: Jian's new wave. You guys stay hidden until they're gone, and then you replace our stakes. What? You mean, we have to do it all over again? If you want the gold. I gave up Sunday rum for this? Krista? Where are you? Look, I need a helicopter. What? I need you to come pick us up and then fly us to the claims office in Whitehorse. You've got to be kidding. Please, CBC Music: Jian's new wave Official Radio, that is a long flight. Look, this could be worth millions, possibly billions. Well, you'd better hope so. Yup.

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