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Saturday, March 30, 2013

CKRM - 620 AM Regina

CKRM - 620 AM Regina, CKRM - 620 AM Regina Listen Online, CKRM - 620 AM Regina Live Online, Country Radio, Canada

CKRM - 620 AM Regina
CKRM - 620 AM Regina They are looking for the idea to go into a field with a group of other people and have a bit of a fire and dance around to some music and escape the walls. It's that feeling that you're not alone. It's really important. And that you're part of a group. I think it's some sort of spiritual need, maybe, for people to go and get together and enjoy each other's company and let a bit of steam off, really. For many, a Music is about the call of the countryside and getting back to basics. It's got its own magic. I mean, it's all about being alive. Back to those memories when you're looking up at the stars for the first time. And I think it's as simple as that. The idea of actually going out into the country and sitting on green fields, with a lovely sunset, stars in the sky, the moon at night, and all that kind of thing. There's certain smells like the camp-fire-at-dusk smell. There's a sort of excitement which comes with it because it's turning into darkness and it feels like it could go in any direction at that point. Out here in the fields For others, it's about the unifying force of the music. There is something magical about coming together and having that sort of transcendent moment where your band that you love plays a song that you love when you're in the environment that you love with all these people that suddenly you love, cos they all love this moment too. CKRM - 620 AM Regina: Na na na-na-na na Na-na-na na, hey Jude Yeah, yeah, yeah You feel the emotion, in the middle of a song, I mean, you feel the emotion and you go, "What did I do?" It's just all over the whole place a mile back. And you start to feel it like a wave go with you. But these fundamental forces that draw us to Musics every year are nothing new. What has seemingly turned into a corporate juggernaut has older, more humble roots. The two voluntary sufferers of Chipping Campbell had thoroughly entered into the spirit of Music week. The idea of a Music goes back into antiquity. The great cosmic moments, if you like, which occur every year, which are the longest and shortest days, were always anciently celebrated up and down the shires and the rest of it, in fairs, events, gatherings and music and merry-making. This seems to be as old as man. There was dancing on the village green. I feel there's a certain element in the British cultural DNA that really kind of lends itself to rural gatherings. They are traditional. They go back almost before time. Sheep fairs and horse fairs and CKRM - 620 AM Regina. The Music itself has become huge. The Jazz Musics, I think, were definitely among the first, if not the first. The actual breeding ground of pop Music would have to be jazz Music, because at jazz Music you have the complete freedom of alternative culture, and jazz, of course, has been the sound of bohemia since . A young generation was emerging from the austerity of post-war Online Radio, desperate to let its hair down and get its knees up. In search of an identity and a cause, jazz would be their rallying call as thousands of teenagers gathered whilst a bewildered establishment looked suspiciously on.

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