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Saturday, March 30, 2013

CKST - Team 1040 Vancouver

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CKST - Team 1040 Vancouver
The raucous, internet radio, sad music of a generation more closely scrutinised than young people have ever been. This is a cross section of the young - students, office workers, shop girls, apprentices enwrapped by rhythms that separate them from the old. Or are they so separate, so different from the way young people have always been? Certainly, they mature earlier physically, which creates problems. You go into a jazz Music, you can jump up and down as much as you like, and you can drink as much as you like without getting arrested. All you do is fall on the floor, fall on the grass! Freedom. Freedom for the individual. And there wasn't much about after the war. When the first Musics started happening, rationing was still in place - food rationing, petrol rationing. You tend to forget this. You know, the young people that had grown up during the war had had a pretty frightening time. This new generation in search of a taste of freedom initially gathered in the nation's dance halls. But their hunger for an escape from convention led them out into the country in search of something different, even a young Rod Stewart. You couldn't have a rave-up in a dance hall. You had to walk across the floor and ask a girl to have a waltz or something. But if you were in a field, you felt free. The lawns of Palace House were given over to the sixth Beaulieu Jazz Music. It's the event at which the fans forget the conventional life, let themselves go and dress like crazy. In , an aristocrat by the name of Lord Montague began to put on a yearly jazz Music at his home in Hampshire. He had the facility of doing what he wanted to do at his own estate - no neighbours with their innocence and so on. And he fancied having a jazz do, and he would have the ability of doing it. And it was just a larger jazz concert. They were a bit like the art-school dance taken to the country, and people would dress weird. It was the Chelsea arts ball decanted into a meadow. It kind of shocked the locals and upset the sheep. It became very, very successful. And, sadly, sort of petered out because of the inability of certain people to behave themselves when they got a few pints into them. In , a mixture of youthful overenthusiasm, tribalism and cider caused what would become known as the Battle of Beaulieu. Online Radio was about to catch its first glimpse of the anarchic potential of Music culture. The point about the battle, if there was a battle, a genuine battle, in Beaulieu, was between so-called trad fans and modern-jazz fans. But the theory was that the Acker Bilk fans got annoyed cos a modern-jazz band was on, and maybe they expected Acker to be on earlier, and he wasn't, or no-one told them. Maybe they didn't know Acker was on later. And they pushed and shoved, and they knocked down a television tower, a tower holding lights for the television people filming it, you see? What damage, in fact, do you think was done to BBC equipment? - We've lost something like seven or eight microphones. - Just stolen? Vanished overnight, virtually. Where they are, well, goodness only knows. It really become quite impossible to go on satisfactorily broadcasting?

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