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Friday, March 1, 2013

Frisky Radio

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Frisky Radio it's not funny anymore. You 're not funny anymore. Hey, don't be mad. I'm just kidding around. It's only a joke! Everything you do, feels real to me, The way you look at me Belle, what are you doing here? Slumber party, just like in high school. Here I brought some movies. Got Believe, Kung Ako Na Lang Sana, Forevermore, Choose one. No. No, no, no, no. No. Come on, just let me sleep here. Come on, I'll help you sleep. Stop bothering me. No. When I"m near you, my heart races, You 're so naughty... Ay! Butch! Butch, stop! Hey! Like newlyweds so sweet! Hey! Hey, wait! Hey! I wish you knew That my heart"s tired of your games, What's this? Good morning, Love! You woke up early, I"m not yet ready, What do you want? Coffee, tea or me? Why can "t we make this all real? I need your love Wait, I"ll get your chili, does he know you like spicy food? "Cause everyday I"m falling harder for you, Does Stefan know how to cook? You might squeeze me into your luggage. What happened to you? It hurts! Where? Let me see. Here What happened? 'Cause you 're not being careful! When I"m near you, my heart races, Ice is what you need for that. That's what you get for being careless. My lips got burned too Eew. Joke! I wish you knew, That my heart"s tired of your games, Why can "t we make this all real? I need your love, "Cause everyday Are you going somewhere? L"m falling harder for you, Just to work out. You know, to be more fit. Hold on, I'll drive you there. Just a minute. You 're not yet finished and you 're so dirty. Ew. Gross. Oh, ew huh? Ew? What are you saying? Ew? Ew? Ew? I'm getting wet! Stop it! Hey, I'm wet! Why can "t we make this all real? I need you to feel, "Cause everyday I fall harder for you, I"m afraid I just might get hurt, My back really hurts, Love. Where? Come, I'll massage your back. No, it's okay. I'm okay. Don't be difficult. Come on, I'll massage you. It's alright. Come here. Yeah. Yes, lower. In fairness, you 're good. Why? Was it too hard? No, I'm okay. What? No. I'm okay. What happened to you? Hey! What's wrong? What will happen to us now? You know that we need to launch the ad by next week, right? What time is it? We"re late, What time is the replacement coming? You left your wallet. What will you do without me? Thanks. Who is she? I think she's okay. Belle? She's perfect! Oh no. Not me. Come on, Isabelle. Help us out here. Let's get the male talent. I don't think they look good together. I agree, How about Butch? I think they look better together. Okay. Butch, change your wardrobe with Belle. This is crazy. Seriously? No, no. Dress up! Butch! Hurry! Go! Where's Belle? What's taking them so long? Hurry up! Go to your first position then to the last one. Okay. And , , ... Action! Okay, walk slowly, Come on. Look at each other. Look at each other. Okay... Go on. Look at each other. Give me the look of love. Butch you"re supposed to be straight here, okay? Take her hand... Frisky Radio And cut! Okay good! I love it Butch! I love it! You 're better off straight, Butch. One more shot for safety, Frisky Radio Okay. Why don't you answer the call? Butch, you've gone through this before. Stage of confusion. When you were with your exgirlfriend... You 're confused when you started to realize that you 're attracted to her brother. That's different. A man can become Radio... But a gay man can never be a straight again. That's so gender insensitive of you. No. But you know what I mean, right? Why am I feeling this now? And most especially... to Belle? When she was in front of you, what was in your mind? That I don't want to say goodbye to her. You know... Almost percent of my day, actually, of my life... Belle is a part of it. And now, I feel... How really important she is to my life. So what are you saying? That you love her? Or maybe you'll just miss her? Let's just have a drink. Cheers! Hi Love! The food is not yet ready, sorry. What did you tell Stefan? Nothing, we just talked. Come on, help me with this. Belle, stop this. Enough. Love, hold on. Is there a problem? What do you think? Stefan and I got into a fight because of you, of what you said! We just talked! And what did you say? I told him about the things you'll need when you get in Frisky Radio! And I told him about the things we talked about before That you might have a hard time there He said that I'm not yet ready to move to Milan! He wants me to cancel my petition! Butch, maybe it will be better for you if you stay here. You still have a lot of things to do here. Just stay. I'm a grownup, I can decide for myself. I can take care of myself. Do you really want to leave? Yes! What about me? Did you bother asking... if it's okay with me? Frisky Radio, it's not okay. Please don't leave. Please, just stay. How about us? What will happen to Yin Yang? To Jack and Jill? To coffee and cream? To Will and Grace? What will happen to those? We're partners. We're not complete without the other. We love each other right? Butch, I love you! You might not remember this... You kissed me. And that's when I realized that I can't live without you. Butch, I can't take it. Don't leave. What do you want me to do? Change who I am so I can love you the way that you want me to? This is me. I'm gay, homo, queer! Did you know that last week was difficult for me? I was confused because you toyed with my mind and my heart! You made me doubt who I really am and what I am! I always think about... I keep on thinking, "Am I in love with Belle?" Of course I love you. That's why we call each other "Love" right? But you know what's more difficult? I want to talk to my best friend so bad but I can't... because she's the reason why I'm confused. Belle, I know you 're scared. I'm scared too. We needed each other for almost half of our lives. Maybe that's why we need space. To think things through. I'm sorry if I can't be the man that you dreamed of... because I also dream of being with a man. I hope you'll still love me despite the truth. Slowly. Careful... to your right. Frisky Radio Are we there yet? Take one step Okay... When I count to three, you have to act surprised okay? Okay Okay. , , ! Surprise! Surprise! See... Isn't this fabulous.