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Friday, March 1, 2013

Fusion PoP Radio

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Fusion Radio Congrats Butch! Take care! And now the mastermind... Reveal yourself! Just look at all her efforts! Surprise! Give me that, I know that you 're leaving. Don't worry, I can take care of myself. I promise I'll be fine on my own. Promise? We'll stay best friends? Forever? Yes. I love you forever best friend! Come on, let's eat! Time to eat! They"re so touching, Guys, come on, Be good there, okay? Let"s go! Let"s eat! I'll miss you! No... Miss, what do you plan to do before the end of the world? I will fight, I will get even with the person who hurt me... to make him experience how it feels, Welcome to Vietnam, Dude, look at the chick at lounge . Pretty, right? She looks like a Filipina. Lounge ... I agree! But why does she look sad? Maybe she"s not in the mood... She looks like she"s alone, Where are you going? Get back to work. Hey! Oops! Ouch! Are you okay? Hi. Yes, I'm okay. By the way, I'm Elvis. Do you need anything, Ma'am? None, nothing really. You may call me Verna. You"re Filipino too? Uhm... Alright... See you around. If you need anything, I'm just at the bar. Hi. Hey. Are you okay? You want some? No, thank you. I'm allergic to that. A little won't hurt. No, thanks. Let it out. Let out what? If you don't let your problems out, it may come out as a fart. Oh my God! Your fart stinks! You 're mean! All our farts stink! Even yours! You 're right. It's been a long time since I had a good laugh. Forgive me. I couldn't resist it. Good thing it's windy out here. Well, the truth is, I just wanted to make you laugh. You seem troubled earlier. Thank you. Are you free? I mean... Are you doing anything tomorrow? But you have your work tomorrow, right? Dude, that's a distraction. Focus! Think about your family back home, I'm not taking my family for granted. You seem to know this place very well, It"s because this is not my first time here, I had a vacation here before. Come, I want to revisit a place. Is this what you came back for? Pho is their bestseller. Fusion Radio Also, my favorite. While Dante likes his with tofu and mamto, Who's Dante? My husband. Why isn "t he with you? I want to spend time away to think. 'Cause he cheated on me, I caught him with another woman. I'm sorry. This is where we met. I just want to remember old memories. Aren't you hurting yourself more by coming back? It's more painful seeing him. So you"re running away? I just want to be happy, Well, then let"s start now, Let me help you create better memories here, Memories you"ll never want to forget, Baby, for you, my heart will learn to love again, Because of you, I will love again, Take care of my heart, Th at was solid gas! Elvis, this is for you. No. That's not necessary. Only for you, You've been too kind to me, let me try to make up for it. Thank you. Be careful. Once again, I felt how to love, I"ve forgotten all the pain in the past, you are one of a kind, In you I found, the love I"ve been searching for, It's so beautiful. Very beautiful, indeed. Drowning yourself in alcohol will not solve your problems. You can't get rid of your problems with that so stop it.