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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Future Radio - 107.8 FM Norwich

Future Radio - 107.8 FM Norwich, Future Radio - 107.8 FM Norwich Radio, Play Future Radio - 107.8 FM Norwich Listen Online, Play Future Radio - 107.8 FM Norwich Listen Live : Pop, Discussion,Talk radio

She was in Future Radio - 107.8 FM Norwich. But she often came over. How often do you see now? It depends. I would like to live in New York. It is really a great city. But you'd better go to Berlin. Why? It is a much richer city. Fatter than New York? I think at least. You have not traveled much? No. I've been a few times in Spain. You can take with me to Berlin. I would like. You have lint on your tights. Try to hear. Hear what? When you do like this, it sounds like a small guitar. Are not you hungry? Yes, a little. Should we call for some food? Are not you eat with your parents? No. They're not home. So I can eat with? Of course you can eat with. I always want to break me, when I eat so much. (Mobile phone buzzer) I have just ringing. Who is it? My father. Hey. Just right at home in a school. No, it is called Maria. No, it does not matter. I can easily make your own home. It is Future Radio - 107.8 FM Norwich th Yes. What did he say? He's coming to get me. When? About minutes. Why? I do not know. It is mega bummer. You may well even go home. Yes. I do not know why. Ridiculous. The one I had not seen before. No, she's just started school. Well. She is very sweet. What have you been doing? I went to her house after school. So we were just together. We did not so much. Not so much. Talked to her parents? No, they were not actually at home. Complete: It's hot. Is there something wrong? Are you okay, honey? Yes, yes. Come here. You are not sick, are you? No. You're probably just tired. Should not we do something tomorrow? We can go to town. Or go to Tivoli. The first Tivoli trip. I have a lot of homework. What are you doing? I have that big task Also, I have something else. So, I think, I'll have to do tomorrow. I think I'm going to bed now. Already? Yes. Is it okay, I rise? Of course, do it, baby. Sleep well. It's something like that. No, do not go to. No, it is therefore. How something cool somewhat. It could be damn nice. It's crazy cool. Hey. What's up? What are you talking about? Step. Future Radio - 107.8 FM Norwich. We do not talk about anything. Nothing special. We'll see. I'm going right. Heyhey. . Hi . Hi Okay. It was damn weird. Yes. I also have to go. Now? Yes, but we see you later, right? Or tomorrow, right? You can not follow? I am writing to you, right? We reached it. (Phone rings) Who was it? It does not matter. Are you not also wildly hungry? Yes. I know a really good place. Where Henne? I do not say. Hello. Hello! This is Trailer from my school. Hello. Is it exciting? No. Should we look to go? Yes. Have you been here before? Yes, I'm here often. It's a pretty nice place, right? Yes. Are you often in Copenhagen? Oh. Why not? I just think it's difficult. What did you do this weekend? Just been at home. Alone? With my parents. Do you like your parents? Mmm. Why? Because I do not know. Are you not really quite boring? But you're right nice eyes. Hello? Hi, it's me. Hello. How are you? Uh I'm sitting right on the train. I just wanted to hear where you have been. I was just over at my grandmother.

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