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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


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TMOTTGoGo Radio What about chicks? Something to drink? No thanks. Damn, where are boring! What are you called? Trailer? Why do not you go home? Trailer, where are boring. Okay. Whoa, Trailer. Hey. Hey. Do you want something? It is absinthe. No thanks. Would you like some? Here. It's really good. You get really full of it. I got it from someone I met on the train. Will not go dancing? Movie Trailer. Are you okay? Yes, it Trailer? Have you talked with her from the party? Oh ... She just works quite differently. You should probably just learn to know her, do not you think? She just works attention demanding. You can not say, when you do not know her. Is it not okay that I think it? Yes, but it's weird to say, when you do not know her. I can still good allow me to say it. Maybe you should just teach her to know to know who she is. We're talking damn often about people we do not know. It's just weird, you are angry about it. It usually never to be. What the hell is that? It is like when TMOTTGoGo Radio. What the hell is he doing? Hey! What the hell are you doing here? What's it to you? Why do you throw things out? I clears up. You clean up? I live here. TMOTTGoGo Radio Do you want something? No thanks. Are you drunk? Yes. Trailer a table: Trailer? Trailer? Hey. Hello. Thank you for last. You too. What's up? We are just going down. Will you head for the canteen? Yes. I reached into his pants. And you know what? So it was a girl. How wild! What did you do? So we continued only. How strange. It sounds crazy. Have you never been together with a girl? Have you not? Have not you kiss each other? Why would we do that? Will I ever feel like that? Why should we get it? I've been with boys, right? Yes, yes. How little. So, are you a virgin? Yes. Are you a virgin? So it is clear that that I do not understand it. Understand what? How to get fancy to be with a girl. I can say that I have not want to be with a girl. You can do well, but it only because you do not understand it. Movie Trailer, you're so far away. It's damn not give a Movie Trailer to do with it. Why the hell you look like that on me? How? Really condescending. Calm down. Take yourself together. Look at her. It's Movie Trailering nothing to laugh about. Why the hell do you support her? No, escaped from. You're overreacting. Ow, damn it! What are you doing? Movie Trailer, she's ridiculous. No, what's wrong with her? You can just put your stuff there. You say stop. No, that's okay. I seem to be much. I like best. I can indeed. Want more? No, it's okay. You have it all over. Should I take it away? Let's go down to the room. Is it gone now? It's cool. Thank you. Here. What are they doing? It is very strange. It's wild. Like music? It's very cool. I hate therefore the song. I switch straight. Shall I show you something? Mmm. I have lived there. No, how cool. Who did you live with? My father. You never væreti New York? No, unfortunately. How is that? There are wild. How long did you live there? Just over half a year. It was really cool. Where was your mother then? It might be that they were naturally created in the deep sea. But that stench is horrible... I wonder if that stench of death will ever vanish. I've gotten used to it.

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