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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

GotRadio Girl Power

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GotRadio Girl Power
GotRadio Girl Power And I sit here cutting out pictures. When I was little, it was Crayolas, but... I've never been more content than when I'm just you know, by myself, doing my thing. Yeah, I know what you mean. I mean, I'm not alone much, definitely not in my house but I have my car. Some nights, I just like to drive around, music up, windows down, just... Have you had Radio yet? What? Just asking. Honestly? No, lie to me. Not yet. I mean, not that there haven't been some opportunities. Girls lining up to have Radio with you? No, that's not what I meant. You wanna have Radio with Jane? I guess, yeah. But I don't like to fantasize about... I fantasize about holding her hand and kissing in the rain. You know, all that cheesy, tired romantic shit that you're such a fan of. GotRadio Girl Power And I fantasize about having Radio with Casey Flynn. Is that an actress I should know? She's a girl who goes to my school. She's the girl that everyone wants to have Radio with because she's mean. Jane's the girl that you want to be your girlfriend. The virgin and the skank. Tale as old as time. Have you done it yet? None of your business. Everything cool has been ruined. Was before we got here. Even Radio and relationships. It's all just so safe and convenient. Homogenized. Exchange profiles, boil your personality down to some compatibility equation. What's your favorite movie? Who's your favorite artist? Then with one click we too can realize our dream of boning someone exactly like us. Get married, give birth to two and a half babies. We can all post the pictures on Facebook or Twitter. No, that's... That is not for me. I wanna meet a man the oldfashioned way, you know like in a bar. How about a dark alley? Crazy guy who talks to himself? Give me your hand. Which one am I? The virgin or the skank? I've never met anyone like you before. That's a pretty good answer. I have trouble sleeping with someone in the room. I'll take off. No. It's just, sleepovers, camp, I always hated them. Not because I minded being away but because there was always some mouth breather next to me. You don't have to explain. I'll go. Not yet. I just... Maybe we could lie here for a minute. And I could just close my eyes, see what it's like. Is that okay? Okay. Your heart is beating really fast. I know. Sorry. It's cool, Hodgman. Honey, wake up. It's almost . Oh, shit. Aubrey? Yeah. I'll be out in a minute. Okay. Oh, God, no. I'm so sorry. Okay, you've gotta get out. The window. GotRadio Girl Power Okay. What now? Jump. Are you okay? Yeah. Yeah. Okay, go. Call me. Okay. Yes. Wait, wait, wait. I don't even think I got your number. Aubrey? Aubrey! Badass. I was like Jason Bourne, you know? Or Jason Statham. Then I called you. What? You're a sweet boy, you know that? Shut up. No, you truly are. Your Bambilike innocence is just, what? Adorable. I'm gonna pinch your cheek. Screw you. David, there is no boyfriend. GotRadio Girl Power But... No. You think she made it up? Of course she did. Girls say they have a boyfriend when they meet some dick. It's practically in the manual. I believed her. Of course you did. Even now, when I'm assuring you it's bullshit.

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