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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

KMRE-LP - 102.3 FM Bellingham, WA

KMRE-LP - 102.3 FM Bellingham, WA, KMRE-LP - 102.3 FM Bellingham, WA Radio, KMRE-LP - 102.3 FM Bellingham, WA Listen Online, Jazz, Dance Radio

KMRE-LP - 102.3 FM Bellingham, WA
It's how you know if she likes you. In a couple days, text. See if she wants to hang out, get some Chinese, some Szechuan chicken. If she says "boyfriend," you know she didn't like you. But you can always tell yourself, "Hey, she has a boyfriend." You know? "It's not me." It's a good system. Tell him. I'm not gonna text her. Why not? I thought you said she had a tight little bottom. Because. Because of Jane? Seriously, David, that's never gonna happen. I accidentally spilled wine on her carpet. Right. Who gives a shit? She does. She's got this thing about her carpet. The way the sunlight hits it at a certain point in the afternoon and... Couldn't text her even if I wanted to. She didn't give you her number, did she? She started to. She typed in the first few digits, and then we... But I did get those first three digits on my phone. How many possible combinations of numbers could there really be? Ten thousand. Just call Information. Don't be stupid, okay? She's not gonna be listed. Plus, I don't even know her parents' first names. And Lashanda says there's like Online Radio in Deranja County. What's a Lashanda? The lady I talked to when I called Information. You know where she lives. I know where she... Great. So I could stand outside of her house? Because that won't be so creepy. Yes. Great. Find her on Facebook. I don't think she does Facebook. She doesn't believe in that sort of thing. She doesn't believe in it? This girl sounds like a ginormous assache, my friend. Like a huge ache in my ass. I'm telling you, I know the type. The alternative rock indie chick who only goes to art films smells like vegan food, can't be bothered to shave her pits. Eventually falls in love with a bull dyke named Harley. Where do you come up...? Stanwyck. What are you jabbering about? Stanwyck goes to North. Stanwyck goes to North. We'll call Stanwyck. He'll have access to the student database. Just thought of that. What do you want? Stanwyck, it's Daldry. I need a favor. You can finally pay me back for giving you Courtney Yamazaki. She was never gonna go out with you. She thinks you're disgusting. Whatever gets you through the night. What do you want? We need a number for a girl that goes to North. Hold on a sec. What year? Online Radio. Who was that? It's Hodgman. Online Radio. Okay. It's gonna be Aubrey Miller. Miller, Audrey... Aubrey. Aubrey Miller. Just an address and the home number. No cell? What did I say? Okay, how about an email? Just the home number. You want it or not, Dave? Yes, give us the number. We're gonna see that movie tonight, :, Old Orchard. What movie? Where the world ends in five days. Three days. Three days. Not a lot of time. That movie is gonna suck. I'll skip it. David. Look, it goes without saying, leave it a few days before you call this girl. Let's give the illusion that you have a life. Of course. I'm happy we got the number, but I don't know. I probably won't even call her at all. We'll see how I feel by the end of the week or something. Or in a couple weeks. Hi, yes, is this Mr. Miller? I don't take solicitations. No, no, no. I'm actually a friend of your...

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