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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

103 The Eye

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Yeah, she's all right. And she's sitting next to you and she's holding your hand. It kind of seems like she likes you. No. I don't know. Okay. I'm definitely having thoughts about the Radio time with her, though. Definitely. So thanks for that. Maybe that's good. Take her off the pedestal. That cheeseball romance stuff? That's strictly for 103 The Eye books and commercials for De Beers. It's like Zussman says, it's biology. Natural selection. A female chooses her mate so her offspring have a greater chance at survival. 103 The Eye. He's my biology teacher. Although I suppose he's selling something too. Well, I'm not sure I'm the strongest mate in my particular gene pool but I guess we can give it shot, right? Come on. Confidence is Radio, Hodgman. I know. That's what my mom keeps telling me. I should go back inside. Yeah. Well, hey, internet Radio seems like a cool guy. Does he? No. Well... I mean, I can't tell yet. Okay. Hey, listen. A bunch of us were gonna go to that girl's house after, to Brianna's. I guess some other people too. It's not like a party. It's just a thing. Okay. Yeah, let me talk to him. Sweet. Talk to him. I guess enjoy the end of the world. I wanna travel. All right. You got me thinking about what I wanna do, and I definitely wanna travel. As a career? Last summer I got to visit my uncle and his boyfriend in Madrid. One day I was walking around and I got lost. My phone was dead, and I had no idea where their apartment was. I was worried I was gonna have to adapt to life as a street person in Madrid. Finally I wandered into this plaza and sat by this fountain and I just breathed. And I realized I had been so focused on where I was going and getting back that I hadn't even noticed where I was. I hadn't noticed anything. And so I started to. I started to notice, like the personality of the architecture and, like the way people would just greet each other on the streets. And even the sky looked, like, different over there. And it felt like I was just letting go of something. But also like, I'm finally in the world. Eventually, I found my way back, but those few hours were the best. It was the best part of my trip, and I just... I wanna get back out there so bad. There's so much stuff I wanna see. What? Wow, that was so stupid. No, no, no. I'm sorry. That was weird. It wasn't stupid. I just... I was... I was just listening to you, and I wanna go with you. Okay. Hey, babe. What am I, seeing this shit alone? Yeah. I mean, no. No. No. I'm coming. Oh, and here. Let me tell you guys something. Something you don't know, because you haven't been in the world. But when you get to my age, you'll realize that you know, everything is just bullshit. Nobody cares about anything except making money. Dollar, dollar bills, y'all. So some glorified little office boy, Online Radioexecutive prick tells the Joan Cusack Experience our stuff isn't commercial? Screw you, pal. No. No, I mean, I can probably... What is the 103 The Eye Experience? I think it's the name of his band. To be an artist. He's an idiot. "Sir, you're an 103 The Eye." That's why you just gotta focus on the basics.

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