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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

105 Hits

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105 Hits
105 Hits The fundamentals. The simple things, you know? The simple intricacies of life. What are you thinking? I think whoever said always be yourself obviously never met internet Radio. Isn't this pool nuts? I feel like we're at Hef's mansion. I'm Jane. Aubrey. We met. Right. You know 105 Hits. Yeah. A little. Do you, like like him? What? No. No, no. I... No, I'm with that guy. He is gorgeous. I mean, I like Dave as a friend. He's cool. No, Dave is amazing. He's one of my best friends. Definitely my best guy friend. He's always been there for me, through all my terrible relationships and I can tell him anything. He gives the best advice. He's so smart. You should see him with his sister. His sister? Yeah, she's . Or maybe . But so, so cute. And he's super involved in her life because I guess the dad isn't really around or whatever. Where is he? Most guys our age are completely selfabsorbed, you know? Yeah, I know. And they never shut up. Never, right? God, I am so sick of these arrogant jagweeds with their big stupid mouths and their tiny little penises. We're not talking about Dave anymore. 105 Hits Is he a douche bag? World's most humongous douche bag. Like, officially. And you know what the sick part is? I knew it. And I knew he was probably gonna tell everyone that we... Because I've heard about every girl he's hooked up with, so why would l But anyway, I don't know. All I want is once for one of these boys to just, like ask me a question, you know? Like my opinion or how I'm doing or really anything. Because at this point, if one of them were to, like, open the door for me or offer to buy dinner I would be so frigging shocked, I would probably fall over. You know sometimes it's just the guy that you... Sometimes what? Weren't you? You were about to say something. Was I? No. No, no. Well, yes, but now it's gone. It was just, like, a second ago. Yeah. Weird, right? Yeah. Hey. You. Dave. So where did you meet my lady? In an alley. She's pretty great, huh? What? She's pretty great. You know. Pretty, pretty, pretty great. Yeah, she is. I don't usually go for high school girls. Too needy. Way too immature. But this one you know, she's inspiring. I'm actually writing a song about her. Well, about her knees. We're gonna have Radio tonight. Yeah? Yeah. We were supposed to do it last weekend, but I got the flu. Sure. I'm not gonna lie, Dan, it's been a long time coming but we're finally doing it. Gonna do it to it. So where is this taking place? Probably in my van. Jesus. Shit, I gotta move that kick drum. Well, internet Radio, that sounds unforgettable. Pretty, pretty unforgettable. I'm gonna go drain the Lil Wayne. You never told me you have a sister. I guess it never came up. She's my half sister, technically. Her dad's not really in our lives anymore anyway, so... What about your dad? Remarried. Lives in Stovington. He's an endodontist. Gives one hell of a root canal, if you're ever in need. I just had this very clear image in my head of you and what your life was like and your family. It turns out that it was completely wrong. 105 Hits to think I knew you after one night.

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