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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Musik.BigCityBeats on RauteMusik FM

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Musik.BigCityBeats on RauteMusik FM
For them, the highlight of this Music was a relatively unknown singer called Arthur Brown. The hippy thing was, particularly in the beginning, a movement towards innocence, towards not feeling bound by duty, feeling that perhaps fun was a good element of life and that maybe that was a better judge than correctness or duty or anything else. - Would you call yourself a hippy? - Yes. Would you claim Arthur Brown for your own. I mean do you think he's one of you? Most definitely, yes. Yes. Um, he seems to speak for the hippies. Call out the instigators Because there's something in the air It was just kind of a rebellion. Everybody was still wearing bowler hats in those days, and Online Radio was very boring. You know, the national dish was sort of pie and mash with sort of nasty liquor on it, being served out of things that looked like public toilets. Web Radio and Online Radio comes along. Now you can make fun of judges, you can make fun of the Queen and the police. So it's like Victorian Online Radio is finally being dismantled, Queen Victoria has finally gone. There was a sort of division as it were, the pre-war generation, the people who wore suits, you know, to the people who wear jeans. MUSIC: "WHITE RABBIT" by Jefferson Airplane The whole Haight Ashbury scene in San Francisco, I think it spilled over into this country, and the alternative culture in America became the popular culture in this country. The hippy movement started, and LSD, which had been used originally for creating better war, became a tool for opening the heart, the mind, or at least seeing the heart. Then the music flowed from that place. Remember What the Dormouse said Feed your head Feed your head Turn on, tune in, drop out. APPLAUSE As the world suddenly changed from monochrome to technicolour, Peter Jenner and Andrew King decided to put on a series of free concerts in Hyde Park in the late s. With the like of Pink Floyd, Roy Harper and the Rolling Stones, the Hyde Park concerts became a place for the emerging British counterculture to turn on, tune in and drop out. Nobody's got any money in the sun Oh, dear me, what a terrible drag There's no question that the Hyde Park concerts happened because we read about there being concerts in San Francisco, in Golden Gate Park. Hyde Park was beautiful - right by the Serpentine, and the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, T. Rex, endless bands which played there - and it was a very, very beautiful scene. All the folkie student population wearing rucksacks That day in the Cockpit at Hyde Park was amazing. I'd never played to that amount of people before. There were , people there, which was amazing for that period. It was the high noon of our lives. Than a Chinese wrestler's jockstrap cooked in chip fat On a greasy day It was like a mushrooming moment that went on seemingly forever. Everything seemed to be bright and in the process of awakening. If they're free, if they're put on by amateurs, then you don't have security. You know, you don't have fences round, you don't know how many people are there. No barriers, no security.

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