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Sunday, March 31, 2013

RauteMusik.FM Club - Aachen

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RauteMusik.FM Club - Aachen
There were about three policemen. Most of the free Musics were policed by Hell's Angels at the time. Nobody needed the police force or anything like that. And everybody looked after it well. People were there for the afternoon. They didn't have to be fed, they didn't have to be managed. Money didn't have to be collected. The press were climbing up the back of the stage to take pictures, and the only security you had were Hell's Angels, who chained the press photographers to get them down. In some of the later Musics, particularly as it got to the Rolling Stones Music, there were hundreds of thousands of people, and you stood on the stage there, at those Musics, and you thought, "This is unreal." Oh, yeah, yeah When I went to the Stones, I went backstage, and there was almost like a kind of royal garden party going on! I don't know if there actually were tea and scones, but it felt as though there should be. And it was incredibly nice, you know? MUSIC: "I'M YOURS AND I'M HERS" by The Rolling Stones She's gotten bigger Somebody else's too You know, the Stones show was just amazing. I mean, there was amazing little kind of visual things, like an entire oak tree just filled with people all the way up. It was gorgeous. Nothing really mattered very much. It was like a gathering of the clans, in a sense. It was like, in a way, that's an idea of Music being about community rather than about just going to a big concert in the open air. This growing sense of a new society was perhaps most apparent in the States at Woodstock Music in . The sheer volume of people wanting to attend forced the organisers to declare it a free event. The government declared it a national disaster. This template of a free Music would become hugely significant for the British hippies. By the time we got to Woodstock We were half a million strong And everywhere there was song Definitely, Woodstock changed a lot of things. There was a school of thought, which was give the music to the people free and sell the records afterwards in the shops. Why charge young people who can't really afford it to hear something that is of their own generation being generated by themselves? Why charge them money to do it? We are stardust The thing I think that we Brits learned from first Monterey and later Woodstock is that all things were possible. That gave the business big ideas, but it also brought, it brought the very best of the rock'n'roll of the period to an awful lot of people. Once upon a time You dressed so fine Threw the bums a dime in your prime Didn't you? Whilst free music was a lovely idea, the commercial potential of Music culture was becoming increasingly apparent. You used to Laugh about As Woodstock was unfolding, a group of young entrepreneurs from the Isle of Wight were attempting to produce a commercial Music that would be its British rival. Now you don't seem so proud Our aim was to be business-like and put on a first-class event that people would enjoy and that we could make money out of, you know, we could make a living. We weren't looking to exploit it, we were just trying to do a decent thing, and we believed that if we could do a decent thing, then next year people would want to come back and we could do it again and again.

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