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Sunday, March 31, 2013

#Musik.eXTreMe on RauteMusik.FM

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#Musik.eXTreMe on RauteMusik.FM
The gigantic, three-day pop Music at Woodside Bay. It marked the momentary re-appearance of Bob Zimmerman, alias Dylan, after three years in seclusion. How does it feel? First, to get Dylan was just amazing. I mean, it was absolutely staggering that we had that good fortune. We made an offer that was appealing, involving a holiday for Dylan and his family and a trip over on the QE and all this sort of thing, and it chimed in with him feeling that he wanted to get back to work. And Dylan set sail on the QE on th August, which is the Friday of the Woodstock Music. Dylan should have been at Woodstock. He should have been the number one star at Woodstock. I've heard it said here today by some of your fans that the new Bob Dylan is a bit of a square. Is this true? LAUGHTER You'll have to ask the fans. Come on without Come on within You'll not see nothing like the #Musik.eXTreMe on RauteMusik.FM Come on without Come on within You'll not see nothing like the Mighty Quinn Whoa, you know, I can do just like the rest You know I like my sugar sweet We'd made a name for the Isle of Wight Music as an international event of absolute supreme stature by having the biggest name in the counterculture appear. It was a bit like winning the lottery, almost. It was that much of a long shot, and it happened. The Isle of Wight Music had been a financial success, and as the Sixties gave way to a new decade, in the Foulk brothers aimed for the stars and managed to book half of them in the process. An estimated , people took the ferry to the event of a lifetime. Arriving for the Isle of Wight, it was just like everywhere you looked there was thousands and thousands of young people with backpacks, sleeping bags, hundreds and hundreds of them just moving in waves towards this place. It was amazing. I remember walking for miles to arrive there and then walking over this hill and seeing , people in front of me and realising all these other people loved the same music as me. The island cannot cope with the quantity of people. I mean, whether it's or , bishops, it still cannot cope with the quantity. I want to keep the Isle of Wight the same as it was when I was born here years ago. If you have a Music with all the stops pulled out, kids running about naked, internet radioing in the bushes and doing every damn thing that they feel inclined to do, I don't know if that's particularly good for the body politic. 'Lord Baden-Powell must have been turning in his grave, but the camp fires helped 'many of them to lose their cool, together with the Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation 'throbbing its highly amplified message to the world.' The Isle of Wight residents must have been terrified. That's an invading army of , people. Somebody might have had the odd flower nicked out of a garden, a runner bean stolen or something, but I don't think there was any trouble for the residents at all. Take a little dope And walk out in the air Stars are all connected to the brain Inside the arena, a rippling mass of humanity got its rocks off to the likes of Miles Davis, The Doors, #Musik.eXTreMe on RauteMusik.FM and The Who. I really wanted to see #Musik.eXTreMe on RauteMusik.FM, you know.

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