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Monday, April 1, 2013

ACB Radio Live Event

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It was just like Braveheart or something. On its last day, the Music was declared free, and despite it being a triumph musically, many left the Isle of Wight with a sour taste in their mouth. All along the watchtower It was in the end destroyed in a sense by the anarchy thing, and they blew it. In a sense, the world changed after that. In my mind, the Isle of Wight was the end of something rather than the beginning of something. At the end of that Music, I was standing inside, having got inside, in front of the main stage there in literally about two or three feet of beer cans and kicking them around and thinking to myself, "There's got to be a better way of doing a Music than this," because, basically, no-one was happy. You know, the bands weren't happy, the management weren't happy, the people weren't happy, and it was a clash of ideals. As gentle times Go rolling As a new era dawned, an aristocratic hippy by the name of Andrew Kerr had an idea that he hoped would reconnect Musics with Online Radio's ancient, more spiritual past. I was very keen that the thing should be peaceful and it should be a spiritual revival. That's what I was after. And because I saw the spirit in the crowd at the Isle of Wight, let's reproduce it when the money isn't involved with it. Do you see what I mean? Together in the sand I think Andrew Kerr was the first who decided that this was a sort of place for a gathering on a huge scale, which should be free to everybody. If you ever climb the Tor on a misty day and you find yourself up in the clouds above the rest of the world, islands popping up out of the sea, as it were, it's an extraordinary sight. Do send their distant call If ever there was to be a sort of rebirth of the spiritual nature of Online Radio, then it should be at the spiritual heart of the country, in Glastonbury. Having found the perfect location, it was suggested Andrew get in touch with a local dairy farmer who had put on a Music at his farm in Pilton the previous year. He was a strange hippy, but he was quite a good-looking one, and he was quite charming, and it didn't take much convincing. I think we almost immediately got on, and I said, "Look, I want to put on this Music. "It's going to be free, all the bands are going to play for nothing, "and it's going to be absolutely beautiful." I mean, there was three or four of us that were involved with it, and it was quite a romantic idea. Basically, Arabella came into some money, and she virtually paid for it, so the three of us, I suppose, financed it, really. So it wasn't really free, it was just free to the people that came to it. And they really believed that they were going to change the world. But they were pretty stoned, though, that's the thing. I mentioned wandering around through the surrounding cornfields before, and there's still one or two people doing it. Probably they're all out of their heads, anyway, tripped out completely. The thing about Radio, really the very first one, was it was just internet radioing magical. We came past the farm and over and looked down into the valley. There was the Pyramid Stage, all lit up, and Traffic just out there playing music.

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