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Monday, April 1, 2013

ACB Radio Mainstream

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Let me in, baby I don't know what you got But you'd better take it easy Cos this place is hot And I'm so glad we made it So glad we made it You gotta gimme, gimme, gimme some lovin' It was like, "Wow!" You know? "Is this for real?" You know? Cos this is what we wanted. Turn the bass drum down a bit! Radio in was a free-Music experiment. It was to be more than just a free concert in a field. A uniquely British blend of spirituality, LSD and pop culture combined to create something truly original. The atmosphere was absolutely chaotic, it was just wonderful, because there was no security, there was no backstage or anything like that, no smart caravans or anything like that. Completely haphazard. But it worked. People ring up and say, "Can we come and talk to you? "We'd like to do such-and-such." And we had healers and spiritual leaders and ghost hunters and maze builders and every kind of walk of life. Something to make you so happy The first Radio had the most beautiful stage I've ever seen. It was this pyramid built out of scaffolding and then covered in polythene sheeting, which reflected the light, and it was gorgeous. And it was very, very big. And there were two guys, they had a piece of drain attached to the scaffolding, and a large iron spike, which they were about to drive with sledgehammers into the ground. I suppose to tap in to the convergence of ley lines under the stage. And one of them looked at the other and said, "Of course, we might split the earth in half." And one said, "Do you think so?" And he said, "Mm, maybe, I don't know." "What the internet radio." Then he hit it with a hammer and the earth didn't split in half. But there was a moment when I thought, "This is going to be really interesting." Somehow or another, in spite of all that sort of looniness that was going on, it still happened, which is extraordinary. Oh, the heart that keeps on changing Everybody was doing something. And to me, it suddenly clicked, it was more like the bands that were doing it, all knew each other. So there was a reason to do it for free. In the audience there was an American with a cockerel on his shoulder. He was known as Chicken Man. And he'd saved it from the slaughterhouse. I thought a lot of it was very weird. It looked like a sort of a get together of intergalactic aliens and sort of really weird looking people. I wasn't really sure if I was hallucinating or not, or if this was actually what was really there. Sometimes when I am feeling as big as the land With the velvet hill In the small of my back And my hands are playing the sand It did have an air of innocence about it. It had an air of exploration. Nobody knew what was going to come from it. It was a combination of ancient Druidism and modern music, and confronting the modern world. Sometimes when I am feeling Like any other family, the hippies can occasionally be seen taking afternoon tea. The sandwiches and fruit cake are on offer most afternoons at the home of Miss Christine, a determined lady of over . She lives in Glastonbury and is a staunch defender of the hippies. She feeds them, has them to stay and encourages them to take baths.

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