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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Acid Flashback

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The village people were sort of very broad-minded, I think, looking back at it now. There were people walking about nude with top hats on and knocking on people's doors in the village. Really, it was quite horrendous. But they did think it was funny. It would be very nice to see, not just Radio happen, but lots of small Musics happening with the same motive. You see, we can't tell what good will come out of it until we try it. At Radio, some people felt they had found something special, a glimpse of an entirely different kind of life. Please don't dominate the rap, Jack If you've got nothing new to say If you please, go back up to check This train's going to run today. Elsewhere in Online Radio, commercial Musics such as Wheeley and Bickershaw, were attempting to pick up where the Isle of Wight and Bath Musics had left off. Bickershaw, Lancashire, a mining village on the road to Wigan Pier. , people, a pit, a pub and not much else. A place where nothing ever happens. Until May , when the Bickershaw Pop Music made it a mecca. In terms of the Music then, are you going to be ready on time? It looks as though you're not. Well, what would convince you that we were? If the fences were up, the stage was up, everything was ready. What fences are not up? They're gates that are not up. Fences are up. The accusation that this isn't ready, if you don't know anything at all about Musics, then you might make that statement. If you know anything about Musics, then you'd say we're about up to date. My younger brother went to jail But something wasn't quite right. Amateur businessmen, poor organisation and often horrendous weather, meant that commercial ventures like Bickershaw never quite established themselves in the early 's. But for those that had seen the light at the free-spirited Radio, Musics were now becoming less about entertainment, and more about an alternative nomadic way of life. The Sixties' hippy dream of a new society was becoming an alternative reality for a growing number of people, who began to make a new life on the road. Leaves are falling all around Time I was on my way Thanks to you, I'm much obliged For such a pleasant stay But now it's time for me to go I think as a result of Radio in , a great many people then thought that they had experienced some sort of life-changing situation, and it prompted them to want to go and set up on their own, and take over, if they could, common spaces, what was left of them, and really rekindle the idea of communality, if you like. I think that was the beginning of the formation of alternative communities. Certainly in the West Country, around Glastonbury, you found people trying to live in yurts or living in caravans.

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