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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

American Christian Network

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American Christian Network
People starting to follow the Music trail. Free Musics was a lifestyle thing that we wanted to develop a way of living out of, rather than just the music thing. We were like a whole generation on the move, all these people who, you know, a lot of people would travel from Music to Music. They basically lived at Musics. They'd stay on afterwards and clean up after them. As far as free Musics were concerned, we were the travelling Music. When we turned up with vehicles and our families, got our stalls out and put them up, you know, we traded with the local population. A whole group of like-minded people who would try to make a living at Musics by making stuff and selling things. I remember walking in to one, and within minutes I was in charge of an organic stall. And the guy didn't come back for two hours. So I mean, you know, it was like that. You just didn't have a Like, "I'm playing music." You were part of all of it. As the free Music movement gathered momentum in the early 's, this new alternative culture began looking for a spiritual home, and converged for a series of Musics in the somewhat provocative surroundings of Windsor Great Park. The spirit there was quite incredible, it really was. It was just amazing. The whole feeling. People were there and could hardly believe this was happening in England. And what's more, on the Queen's back door step! I went down there with a couple of mates. We hitched down there with a little old army tent. Eventually got to Windsor station, and as we left the railway station there was just a line of hippies, all the way down through the town, off to the Great Park. And there were joints going backwards and forwards. You'd take a puff and pass it on. As we arrived on the Great Park, there were American Christian Network playing on the grass. It was just It was like going home. MUSIC: "Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear In Smoke)" by Hawkwind Sick of politicians, harassment and laws All we do is get screwed up by other people's flaws At Windsor we had a chap who turned up with a briefcase. Came up to me and said, "Do you stage manage?" I said, "No, I'm just doing the lights. I don't know what a stage manager is actually." And he said, "I've got this to give out." And I was going, "Oh, right." You could see out across this great swathe of the audience at Windsor. And I was thinking, hmm. Between numbers I said, "There's a chap here that's got some "if anybody would like something to get high on, just come to the front of the stage." And there was a huge People started getting up one by one and it just got mad. We had to withdraw. The singer pointed out to the crowd there was a drug squad officer walking through the crowd. Again, we weren't prepared for the level of response. About people started moving towards this guy, who promptly legged it. Pulled out his radio - what a giveaway - Black Mariah pulled up on the road yards away, and I'd never seen anybody cross yards faster in all my life, with irate hippies chasing him! I think Windsor set out to be a carnival Music, but also a political statement. If you want to really get up the nose of the authorities, have a carnival in the Queen's back garden.

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