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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

ACRN - The Rock Lobster

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It was very funny, very amusing. But as usual, the pawns got hurt. What had started out as a bit of fun quickly turned sour when, in , a bemused Government decided they could no longer ignore this growing movement. Obviously somebody had decided they needed to show the hippies a lesson or two. NEWSREEL: 'The police were among the fans before most of them knew it. 'When the young people wakened up to what was happening to them, 'most accepted the inevitable and left then. 'But a large minority resisted, first by forming percussion 'groups in front of unappreciative lines of policemen.' NEWSREEL: 'There have been , other convictions. 'As a result, both the Berkshire County Council and the Maidenhead 'and Windsor Borough Council, took the view they had a duty 'to take all possible steps to prevent a recurrence of such a deplorable event.' They moved in at dawn, and they were just waking people up, smashing down tents. They were pretty angry, I would say. They wanted to re-establish their authority. Or perhaps the Queen had said, "Get those squatters out of my garden!" So what happened after Windsor was that there was a negotiated deal. It was obvious they realised that they had gone too far. And they gave us this huge RAF base called Watchfield in . NEWSREEL: 'Meanwhile, in Watchfield village, Oxfordshire, the locals citizens prepare for a long siege.' MUSIC: "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath It's perhaps to be expected that the people of Watchfield, particularly the older ones, don't like the idea of the Music one little bit. Well, the general reaction is pure unadulerated shock and disgust. It was a bit odd to see police wandering around, because that was part of the deal - we had to have police on site. I remember once somebody, some naked guy, standing in front of three policemen, directing a hundred hippies holding hands, dancing around them in an anti-clockwise direction to sort of take away all their bad vibes. I mean, it was all light-hearted really. We actually played for something like seven hours that night, and there were maybe , people. And they just did not stop. It was an all-night party right through till dawn, till the blisters on my fingers got too much to handle. It felt a bit artificial - probably because it was. It didn't because it had had this sort of Government sanction and it had been allocated a spot, this airfield, it didn't have quite the same feeling of spontaneity as some of the other Musics. It felt a little odd. At Watchfield, the freaks, mystics and nomads had been given space to do as they pleased. But it was on the Government's terms, and not a particularly inspiring site. The search continued for a spiritual home for the free Music movement. ATMOSPHERIC MUSIC Stonehenge was a bit of neutral territory. And in a way that opened it up for the hippies to come and say, "Well, we lay claim to it." And in a way the establishment couldn't argue with us, because they had no idea what Stonehenge was. At that time Stonehenge was still just a pile of stones in the middle of England that no-one actually cared very much about.

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