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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Aloha JOE - Aloha Joe's Hawaiian Radio Lakewood

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And I think there was just this general feeling that Stonehenge stood for something. The Stonehenge Musics in the mid 's were as much about community as they were about music. People didn't go to see rock stars, but rather to restore a spirit of freedom they couldn't find anywhere else. The free Music movement had finally arrived. To watch people arrive at Stonehenge Music, and to see them a week after they'd been there, to watch the change in their face, to watch women just become beautiful - do you know what I mean? And men just become handsome, all the stress and worry just falls off them and you just see these people, you know, flowering. I came across a marquee that held about people. And there was a troupe of Shakespeare players, and they were just putting on Shakespeare's plays for free. There were teepees, banners, funny old trucks all painted up. You know, like marquees, stages, dogs running everywhere, kids running everywhere in packs. They were really quite amazing events. It was a very special time. During the 's, the free Music movement had become a serious attempt at creating an alternative way of life. By the late 's, the society it had rejected was in meltdown. A new generation was emerging at Musics such as Donington and Reading. Wonder and LSD had been replaced by tension and speed. The tone had shifted. MUSIC: "If the Kids Are United" by ShamSo let's all grab and let's all enjoy If the kids are united At Reading Music, in the mid- to late Seventies, there was always conflict. That's when punk kicked off. It just had this energy - this vibrancy. You knew something was changing. And that is that counter-culture - stepping in again when change isn't coming quick enough for young people. It really was the same type of people that made the punk thing that made the hippy thing. It's a different time, different drug. As punk and heavy metal erupted into Online Radio's Musics in the early s, even at a resurgent Glastonbury, hippy idealism was giving way to a more political Music culture and suddenly everything looked very different. We'd put a couple of Musics on - in the early s - and - and Andrew and myself went round to see Michael after the event and said, we're missing a trick here. What we need really is the banner to rally under. We were just anti-Tory really. We were on a crusade really to actually take on Maggie and to fight the oppression, and it was very effective. Effectively, Thatcher's government created from onwards an exiled population. There was a culture of resistance that was threaded through the free Musics, the miners' strike, the riots in the cities, they were all part of opposition to Margaret Thatcher. We came together in that at places like Glastonbury Music with a strong Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament support. So, to oppose nuclear weapons was to oppose Margaret Thatcher. To do free gigs in fields, that alone simply was to oppose Margaret Thatcher. The growth we have seen in this country in the last five years is the growth of unemployment - the growth of an uncaring society. At the same time, the true growth In the old hippy days, it was all love, peace and flower power and bells and things and mystics and cosmics - all that sort of thing.

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