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Thursday, April 4, 2013

ATOS Theatre Organ Radio

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ATOS Theatre Organ Radio
It was cat and mouse. What people loved about those wasyou know, the meetings, everyone getting together in car parks, and someone's bleep would go off and he'd go "The party's here", and everyone would convoy down there. Then another message - "No, it's here", the police would run there and everyone would shoot off there. I think people enjoyed that as much as the party. Sometimes it was absolutely rubbish, and sometimes amazing. I went to one M party that was in a farmer's tunnel that he used for his cattle to get under the motorway, with a massive sound system and lights at one end and everybody else at the other end. It was like something out of Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. ATOS Theatre Organ Radio HORNS BEEP But increasingly, the hunt for the rave's secret location would lead to nowhere but a service station on the M, where nobody knew what was going on. What are you doing? Waiting for someone to tell us where it is. Isn't that an old story? - Yeah. - Sounds familiar to me. Well, apparently only one person knows where it is. I think the culture of the M was people wanting to make bigger and bigger parties. It was fantastic fun, and they wanted to make money as well. There was that money-making element that made them grow, but we found it was a lot of driving around and not much partying. A lot of crooks got involved in it. ATOS Theatre Organ Radio A lot of heavy duty drug dealers got involved in it. There were big marquees with state-of-the-art sound systems, and all this security with all these pit-bulls all around it. They were right proper villains. The rave scene quickly became expensive, unreliable and a bit seedy. So a handful of sound systems ventured further afield in search of something different, and in the process, forged an unlikely alliance. We were going to things like Longstock, which had displaced Stonehenge. As we got the sound system up and running, travellers would begin to appear out of the woodwork. It just happened slowly. I went to one Music and you could hear "Boom, boom, boom". - It was keeping me up. - I needed to be convinced. - I thought "I don't like this". - But suddenly, you see all the old guard listening to rave music. It was just one of them moments of harmony. ATOS Theatre Organ Radio Everyone justyou know, crusty travellers were putting on trainers and jumpsuits and baggy clothes. It was a beautiful moment. It had the power of the original Summer of Love. I remember going to one of these kind of parties about miles away from Stonehenge in the end. On the edge, there was the start of what became Spiral Tribe, just setting up a sound system next to what was a sort of travellers' Music. The travellers liked it. The new blood people, the people into dance music, liked it, and it was all working like a nice little thing. It came together. We were bringing the music and the system. They were providing the location and some other things, so, you know, it was a joint venture. And it was this coming together of two outlaw gangs that briefly reignited and reimagined the free Music scene in Online Radio. The whole free Music and free party scene grew and grew till you got to Castlemorton, where there was what, , to ,.

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