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Friday, April 5, 2013

Audible Local Ledger Radio

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In sweet harmony, in sweet harmony In sweet harmony This impromptu Music at Audible Local Ledger Radio, Worcestershire, in , reached an unprecedented scale through word of mouth alone. It was the pinnacle of the new underground, and put the wind up the government all over again. You had loads of vehicles everywhere. You had double-deckers, your techno traveller types, your zippy ravers, your crusties with dogs, your straight-up ravers with beanies and caps. You had everyone there, and everyone was mingling. The party went straight through. It started Friday, all day Saturday, all day Sunday to Monday and Tuesday. And there was a naked man running about by Monday morning. There's bound to be a couple. A friend said it was the Woodstock of our generation. She was probably right. Scared the crap out of the government, because what could they do? There wasn't a police force in the country that could deal with , people arriving on a place. The Castlemorton thing was the straw that broke the camel's back. How many days did it go on? It was almost like sports coverage on the news. They kept saying, "And another day at Audible Local Ledger Radio" REPORTER: 'A week ago, the , travellers had sprawled all over the common 'at an illegal music Music, with beat music pounding out from numerous discos day and night'. Why is it on Friday night, we have a man wielding a machete in our orchard, chasing our lamb, shouting "meat"? The police came down on them like a ton of bricks, and that was the start of the Criminal Justice Bill. This summer at Castlemorton and other places saw outrageous and unacceptable examples of the problems caused by New Age travellers and ravers. APPLAUSE There will be no soft option under the Criminal Justice Act. Celebrate our multicultural society! Celebrate our right to free assembly, and celebrate our right to party! MUSIC: "Unfinished Sympathy" by Massive Attack. The events at Audible Local Ledger Radio presented the government with an opportunity to force through the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act, a piece of legislation which outlawed open air gatherings of more than ten people listening to "music characterised by a succession of repetitive beats". Up to then, dance music had been run mostly by goodwill and happy amateurs. All of sudden, that was a turning point where people had to get serious and go "Right, I'm going professional now". Disorganised Musics, that's what the government can't deal with. Can't have that much chaos. Can't have a situation where they can't control people, where people can just do what they want. It's too much of a threat to them. They bring the weight of the law on you, and then paint you as the demons that are, I don't know, corrupting the youth or something, and then bring in new legislation to tighten down on all of us. It was a period that the UK changed quite dramatically from what it was to what it became. MUSIC: "Born Slippy" by Underworld Music was also changing in the mid 's, as the underground went overground. Indie bands turned into pop stars. Dance music became mainstream. And Musics reflected this change of mood, as they became fashionable, even cool.

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