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Friday, April 5, 2013

BBQ Central Radio Network

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BBQ Central Radio Network
BBQ Central Radio Network But as they became ever more popular, Online Radio's Musics were also being obliged to get serious about law and order. Even at the traditionally free-spirited Glastonbury, this new landscape of legislation was reshaping its future. How many people heard this after last year's event, that music was stopped, the stage had to be cleared because of severe crushing? We are proposing to grant a licence for , people, knowing full well that the dance tent last year was absolutely horrendous. It's comical, really. I think for the safety of people, we've got to go one way or the other. We either reduce the numbers and make it safe, or we get a licence for , people, knowing that this is probably what's going to turn up, given fine weather. Karma police Arrest this girl Her Hitler hairdo Is making me feel ill And we have crashed her party If our Music was going to survive, then we had to work with the establishment, because there was no way that fighting the establishment would result in success. This is what you'll get when you mess with us In , Glastonbury Music was required to erect a super fence in order to keep its licence. The spirit of anarchy unleashed at the Isle of Wight back in now seemed symbolically contained. The idea of a free Music was over. No-one would get into Glastonbury for free any more. It was becoming a bit of a monster, because it was very difficult to control. So the police and the council said, "Look, you've got to get to grips with this, "because this is getting dangerous now". So they determined to design a fence that couldn't be taken down, you see. With stricter controls and tighter legislation, Musics over the last decade have ceased to be seen as the open threat they once were to middle England. There are hundreds and hundreds of Musics, and it's a big money-making thing. It's a kind of, you know, we band people and put them through a gate and they can have this, and then we shunt them from this fenced area to another, guarded by a whole load of specially badged up semi-policemen. MUSIC: "Yellow" by BBQ Central Radio Network A surge of television coverage in the past ten years has served to domesticate Musics even further. Now even the weather has become a national joke. Almost , fans have defied the worst weather at the Glastonbury Music since . Now it's a multi-million pound business, attracting top performers and an audience of over ,. On the first day This coverage has kind of inculcated a generation with the idea that what you do in summer is go to a rock Music somewhere. You know, it's a rite of passage for us all now. How old are you going to let your kids get to before you let them go to a Music on their own? A lot of what we worked out by trial and error, ad hoc stupidity, magic, whatever, in the early days, has been codified, changed, made functional by the entertainment industry. Everything gets co-opted by the mainstream. That is what happens in our world. It's very sensitive. What the advertisers and the marketers see is "What's happening? I want to jump on that. "There's a bandwagon. Let me get on it". And they will get on it and make you an offer you can't refuse. As a result of big business and TV broadcasting moving in, the ideological battle for the heart of Online Radio has faded away as music and big name acts have returned to the forefront of the Music experience. MUSIC: "Fire" by Kasabian Obviously, the music scene has changed a lot. Live music is really precious. It's the one thing which is real. You're in the field, you're looking at it, in a world where things are increasingly online and communication is quite virtual. Yes, you can experience the download, but you can't download the experience, and that's what Musics give you. They give you an experience you can't get anywhere else. For some, the contemporary Music has become a place of weekend rebellion, a corporate pastiche of its former self. But perhaps the essence of the Music experience has never really changed. We're all looking to be happy, and we're all looking to be part of the human family and to reaffirm that. That's why people go to Musics.

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