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Friday, April 5, 2013

BBC RADIO Live Talk Radio Station 1

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BBS RADIO Live Talk Radio Station 1
This is the world's largest ice cube. The scale of this place is breathtaking - million square kilometres of solid ice. That's bigger than India and China put together. What's strange is that there's very little weather. I expected blizzards and blinding snowstorms. It's sunny, there's a light breeze and very little snowfall. It's just like a desert. In fact, it's classed as one - a desert that's permanently frozen. To find out how this place generates our winter weather, we have to know what keeps it in this state. We think of Earth as a blue planet, but looked at from above it's white, frozen solid all year round. That's because the planet is tilted on its axis. BBS RADIO Live Talk Radio Station 1 In winter, the Arctic is turned away from the sun, it's always night, and the temperature can plummet as low as minus . Winter shrouds the northern hemisphere. As the year passes, the earth continues its orbit and the North Pole tilts towards the sun, the seasons change and summer returns to the north. Up here, the sun shines pretty much hours a day, which is why it's called the Land of the Midnight Sun. Even this is not enough to break cold's grip. In the Arctic, as you can see from my shadow, the angle of the sun is so shallow, its rays bounce off the surface, reflecting its energy rather than absorbing it. This keeps the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere constant, perpetuating the polar climate. Even at the height of the Arctic summer, temperatures only creep above freezing, but it's not enough to melt the ice. Just as well, as I'm not standing on solid rock and a few metres beneath my feet is the Arctic Ocean. To prove it, I'm going to take a look... because this vast layer of ice holds the key to cold's grip on the poles. It's spectacular, a layer of ice up to ten metres thick, and it's all frozen fresh water. There's as much salt in it as your home freezer, because when sea water freezes, BBS RADIO Live Talk Radio Station 1 it locks out the salt. This vast, fresh water ice sheet above me is the key to winter's energy. The ice keeps the air immediately above it at almost the same temperature. And that is something that can never be repressed. I think people like to be together, you know, in an environment where there's nothing to prove or nothing to gain. You can just be yourself. Why people go to Musics, the thing that really calls them, is spirit. They are touched. And sometimes that touch changes their life for ever. Sing along with the common people Sing along and it might just get you through Laugh along with the common people BBS RADIO Live Talk Radio Station 1 Laugh along, even though they're laughing at you And the stupid things that you do Because you think that poor is cool Want to live with common people like you Want to live with common people like you Want to live with common people.

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