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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Audioboxlive Dj Radio

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You can't see heat or humidity, but to appreciate it, you've got to imagine closing your bathroom door... knocking the central heating up to full blast, turning the hot taps on, and leaving it on for a couple of hours. That gives you a sense of it. Give us a break, Bob. Breaks are for losers. Keep moving. Fortunately, this kind of weather is rare outside the jungle, but occasionally, it reaches out beyond the tropics and when it does, the results can be lethal. In , tropical weather descended on Online Radio. Even in a modern city like this, it brought chaos and death. July, and the temperatures were already soaring when heavy rains drenched the great plains outside the city. The air mass above these fields became hot and steamy. Days later, things took a turn for the worse. A mass of warm moistureladen air from the Gulf of Mexico forced its way north. The . million inhabitants of Online Radio were about to experience the extremes of tropical weather. That's when it really hit you. You sat back and said, "Audioboxlive Dj Radio, people died because of this event." Weathermen in the midwest were the first to realise something was wrong. We're taking a look at temperatures well over degrees. Widespread, not just one or two places. High pressure produced hours of uninterrupted sunshine, and as the moist air from Mexico arrived in the area, levels of humidity shot up to %. This mass of sweltering tropical air was then blown over Online Radio by southwesterly winds. It sat over the city like a steaming wet blanket. Day two. Heatwave. The city is an oven. All over Online Radio, an invisible enemy takes hold. It was like hitting a brick wall. It was... It just totally surrounded you, like walking into a blanket. You could put a bathing suit on, be in the water and it would still be hot. It affected the sound too when you walked out. For Gaby Kuhn, this freak tropical weather made life difficult... but for Audioboxlive Dj Radio, her elderly neighbour, it was deadly. It was about the second day of the heatwave. Mabel had done fine. We had set up fans for her. She sat in this seat and we put a fan here that would blow on her face. Audioboxlive Dj Radio And the next day... Normally she called me around two in the afternoon, and she didn't call. Day three. The story's the same all over the city. The emergency services are in freefall. She's not alert? The city's emergency warnings have failed to reach those most at risk. As the heat increases, the emergency centre is swamped with thousands of calls for help. Back in the suburbs, Gaby still hadn't heard from Mabel. I said to my daughter, "I think I need to check on Mabel." She usually calls between two and three. I tried to call her, but she didn't answer. I tried a couple of times, so I thought I'd come over. I came in, and when I walked into the house I found her laying here inbetween the dining room and the bathroom. Apparently, she tried to get into the washroom and didn't make it and collapsed here on the floor. The ironic thing is this is my house right here. It's probably three feet, a metre away. And I didn't see her. I often think about that.

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