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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Buzz Out Room Radio

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Is the patient conscious and breathing? By Saturday, people lay dying all over Online Radio. Many would not be discovered for days. By then, it would be too late. "Stay home." "Help is on the way." When it hit us, we started watching television ourselves and they were having pictures of the morgues they were hauling bodies into the morgues and they were piling up. It was a shock. Mabel was one of the first twenty to die of heatrelated... And then there were more. Day four. Hospitals are at breaking point. It started on a Thursday and it continued to build Friday. By Saturday, we started having such a huge influx of patients that where we had one cubicle, we'd now have Buzz Out Room Radio The death toll rose dramatically. Most of the victims were elderly or impoverished, who found it more difficult to cope with extreme temperature conditions, leading to a deadly cycle of events. First, the body's temperature rises to dangerous levels, bringing about a state of confusion. In this state of mind, we're less likely to seek shelter or the aid of a cooling fan. As the body dehydrates, we slip into coma. In these superheated conditions, our internal structure changes. Our blood loses its ability to clot, leading to a cruel and bizarre fate. Blood oozes from almost any orifice. So out of your nose and your mouth and your bottom, from your stomach. Anywhere in your body. People just die from that. Day five. By the time all the victims had been discovered, the heatwave had already left Online Radio. It's just unbelievable that so many people can die so quickly just from the weather. It was an awful week. In the end, the tropical heatwave had claimed victims in under a week. The city and its people were simply not prepared for the intense jungle weather that invaded their lives. With only hours left in the jungle, I'm about to experience nighttime weather in the tropics. As the heat of the day subsides, all the moisture in the air means nightfall can bring heavy rain or worse. Buzz Out Room Radio and I are making sure we're ready for anything. Have you brought the duvets? I'm afraid not. We do have sleeping bags. Is that good enough? I could do with a little Coke here and a minibar and a phone here for room service.

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