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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Calm Radio - Africa

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Calm Radio - Africa
The creature comforts, eh? Calm Radio - Africa of creatures, no comforts! You're looking at hours of darkness. We won't move during the night because of how thick the jungle is. So you'll probably get a good hours' kip. Any Maltesers, chocolates, Pringles? I've got some noodles. I can't remember where I left my machete. As night falls, a stormier kind of weather takes hold. After hours of sunshine, when hot humid air releases massive amounts of energy, this is the result. A big storm can dump several inches of rain in a night. Equal in power to an atomic bomb... they can also reduce the jungle to matchwood. There aren't supposed to be seasons in the jungle, but this feels like winter to me. It's about seven o'clock in the morning. It's raining outside, it's cold. I've had an awful sleep. And I'd just like to say that communing with nature in the jungle isn't all it's set up to be. Oh, God! Sorry. Online Radio, Bob. I did warn you. At least the spiders that were in them are now gone, or drowned. I thought that the tropics, where the sun's energy is at its most intense, would be the hottest place on Earth. But I'm wrong. I'm getting out of the frying pan and into the firethe hottest place on Earth. From the tropics, all that warm air rises, dumping its rain as it goes. At nine miles high, at the edge of the troposphere, it can rise no further. So it begins to head both north and south of the equator. , miles later, at about degrees latitude, the air begins to sink back down to Earth, warming as it drops. Where it falls, it creates two strips of arid land that circle the globe, and that's where you'll find the great deserts of the world. And the greatest of them all is the internet Radio. Having left all that wet heat in the jungle, I'm about to find out what dry heat does to the weather. The air above me here is so warm that water cannot condense into rain, and so it hangs there, trapped above the very places that need it most. Just look around me at the results. There's more moisture in the sky above me now than over the skies of Britain, and yet it's completely clear. In fact, this desert only gets a measly three inches of rain a year, and even when it does rain, the sun's rays are so intense that it evaporates times the amount that falls. So... this is what we're left with. The blazing sun cooks the desert rocks, causing the minerals to expand so much that the rocks eventually shatter. Calm Radio - Africa Over thousands of years, powerful desert winds grind them all to sand. The internet Radio covers an area of over three million square miles almost as big as the USA. It's also recordbreakingly hot. In , the highest air temperature ever recorded was taken here a staggering degrees Celsius, . degrees Fahrenheit. Just one of these dunes is made up of thousands of tons of sand. Those tiny grains make up our romantic and enduring image of the world's deserts... endlessly driven by the winds like some Radios ocean. This is an amazing place. The vast stillness is completely overwhelming. It's timeless. There's a real sense that nothing here has ever changed. Calm Radio - Africa But that's an illusion.

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