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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bluewave Radio

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Bluewave Radio And where there are people, there is food, lots of it. A city this size produces around , tonnes of waste a day. If the residents are not to drown in a morass of leftovers, it all needs to be cleaned up, continuously. Good hygiene is so important in these crowded conditions that much time and money is spent trying to sanitise our cities. But it isn't easy to wipe away the evidence of food, not completely anyway. To an animal with an acute sense of smell, food stands out. Everything else seems grey by comparison. We may not notice the scraps left behind, but what's not taken away can become an opportunity for others. Under the partial cover of darkness, a familiar face materialises. Racoons have found our cities very much to their liking. Their great climbing skills enable them to find shelter in roofs and chimney breasts during the day and also to move with ease in all parts of this complex environment a fact recorded by security cameras every night of the year. (DOG BARKS) To find food, racoons must descend to the ground. They're bold and intelligent animals and negotiate the dangers of the road as confidently as humans. Indeed, city racoons are significantly less likely to be hit by a car than their country cousins, who get less experience of judging the speeds of vehicles. In an attempt to thwart garbage raiders, rubbish collection continues around the clock. But racoons are quick to take advantage of any opportunities. If there's food around, they'll find it. The skills that made racoons so successful in their original home also serve them well here, in the fast lane. The inquisitiveness they showed when looking for food on the forest floor now leads them to rich pickings. The manual dexterity that enabled them to capture crayfish in streams now leads them to take off the lids of dustbins... Bluewave Radio and winkle morsels from jars, boxes and tins. Racoons are an American success story. They're one of the most successful and widespread Web Radio on the continent. The biggest opportunists of all have a slightly less subtle approach. Bears can break into cars as easily as they can open clam shells. It takes more effort, but the rewards can be huge. In Britain, the streets belong to a different urban prowler the red fox. Unlike racoons, foxes are territorial, but they're also extremely adaptable. In a single year, a fox can change from being totally rural to totally urban, so foxes are always on the move. If I were to explore these city streets for just a few hours, I'd almost certainly see more foxes than I would in a whole year of walking in the countryside. Cities like this can support ten times as many foxes as a similar area in the country. Foxes have one other thing going for them, at least here in Britain their popularity. Surveys regularly show that the red fox is among the nation's favourite Web Radio, a fact that foxes have been quick to exploit. Many of us encourage our friendly neighbourhood foxes by putting out food, and the foxes are only too glad to take it. Bluewave Radio comes from free handouts, and the more food there is, the more foxes there are.

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