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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Capital Birmingham

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Capital Birmingham
Capital Birmingham Just leave it I'm promoting you. How did you know where I was? Call it a hunch. You use to take me here when I was kid. It was nice park back then. These sheets itch my skin! Uggh! All right. Just rest. These sheets are so itchy. Ahhh.. when your mother did the laundry.. the sheet where always soft! Ohhh "snoring sounds" Ha, ha, ha Come on did you get enough in Reno. Ahhh! Oh, Hey, its after seven. You don't have to stay. I don't mind. I need to finish by tomorrow. I'm taking pops to the doctors in the morning. Oh man. How is he doing? The doctors say if he doesn't stop drinking so much, he may need a new liver. That's horrible news. I told him to stop drinking, so many times, but he won't listen to me. That Radioer! Ever since, Mom has been gone, it has gotten worse It's like Some days you love him and yet some days you hate him too. It's really sad about your mom. She was a beautiful women. Thanks. What happened to her? She drowned. Lo siento. Pops. Pops, found her on the morning of his birthday. In the wet lands. She was just floating there, among the tall blades of grass. She never had the chance to say happy birthday to him. Your Dad never invited me to the service. I feel really bad about that. That because there wasn't one. Pops had her cremated. He just wanted the two of us to be there. You are going to make some women very happy one day. Don't you worry. I'm worried about your father. I hope he gets better. Your the only thing that matters to his life, you know. Complains we did not spend enough time with each other. Ahhh.. Hell. The time I was locked up, he was the only one who ever wrote to me, your father. Maybe this makes up for it. You where just a teenager then. The important thing is that you here now. Capital Birmingham And at the certain point, we all have to move on with our lives.. no matter what gets thrown in our way. Am I right? Hell I was never any good at the Radio thing. Your father had the same laugh. Reminds me when him and I where growing up. I want you to know your like a son to me. There is nothing I would not do for you. I've been meaning to talk to you about something Your father was right about you your a hard worker. Not that much really. Modest. I like that about you. Your ready for some more responsibilities? Sure! I want you to deliver some things to our customers. .. Capital Birmingham uh I don't have a car. Well now you do. The lock are little bit sticky. but it will get you around. Keep it. Use it to take your Dad to his appointments. I can't accept this. Why not? Pops won't approve. Think of it as a bonus. For all your hard work. Your father would be real proud of what you accomplish here. Now get out of here! It's late! But I haven't finish the books yet. Leave it for tomorrow. Oh and ah Here I want you to ah deliver this one tonight. It's on your way home. Sure. Here. "knocking sounds" "barking dogs" Coming! Ah Um I have a package! You do? hmmm? Thanks uh bye. You can't hate the doctor. He warned you so many times already. I don't know whats worse. The doctors telling me I could never have another drink, Or your confonded soup! Either way your both trying to kill me! internet Radio about it won't make it go away, Pops. I see working with your Radio, rubbed off on ya. Radio Vic has been really good to me. I owe him a lot. Have you forgotten, who lined you up with that job in the first place. No. I haven't. Happy birthday to you Oh my god. You bake too! Happy birthday to youuuu Happy Birthday, Dear Pops Happy Birthday to youuuu! Capital Birmingham All right! Mmmm not bad? A lot better than your soup. That's for sure. Pops. Can't you just enjoy it. With out saying something annoying. "Laughter and joking in the background" What the Radio happened? Um! What the Radio! I was just pouring a drink and.. You ruined the whole Radio thing! Got damn it! Get the Radio out of here! Get out of my face! Go! Online Radio! You should of seen him. I thought I was dead. I've done worse. He has a bad temper sometimes. You hang around long enough you get used to it. Funny how you never seen him at his worse. Until now. He can make a real ass of himself sometimes.

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