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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Capital FM - Derbyshire

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Capital FM - Derbyshire
Capital FM - Derbyshire Every day if you let him. Though He has been in a good mood ever since you arrived. Well until now. How am I suppose to go home to Pops? Ughh! I really mess this up! Give your Radio sometime to cool down. He wants you to stay, I'm sure of it. Oh, Online Radio! internet Radio? Hey, internet Radio. How's it going? I'm allright. How are things with you? Good. I'm still with Pops. She with you? No No That's um That's my Radio's girl friend. Let me guess Your Radio. Uh Bad temper. Looks like a douche bag, to me. call me. See you around. See ya internet Radio. internet Radio and I grew up together in Online Radio. He parents where killed in car accident, when he was in the th grade. Orphaned and living in one home to the next. You never knew when you where going to see him again. Babe you allright? Hey, what's going on in your head man? You almost got my girl beat up! No. No! If it wasn't for Ruben being here I don't know what would of happened to me. You know them? I only know internet Radio We grew up together in high school. I lost contact with him, after I started college. Thank you For getting me out of that mess. Your welcome But I really didn't do anything. Are you always so modest? Guess this makes you a hero of the night then. Seriously? Aye! I've never seen you so excited to get out of the house before. What's with all those fancy clothes? Are you going on an interview or something? Just getting ready for work. I want to look nice, for a change. Anyone call for me? No one called for you. You don't have any friends. Good bye, Pops. Wow! How handsome you look. Thanks. See you later. Bye! Chow! Your done, already? Do you have anything else for me? I need you to bring something to Mel. And don't Radio spill anything on it! Oh! Umm Capital FM - Derbyshire! Get me my slippers! Did anyone call for me? No. The phone hasn't rang since you last left. Hello? No thanks. We're not interested in selling. Bye. Who was that? Just the bank wanting to buy our property. Well, did you tell them to go and screw themselves? I told them, where not interested in selling. And your damn right! I paid for this house, free and clear! Nobody is making me move! Hello? If that's them tell em to go to hell! When? internet Radio Okay I'll see you later bye. Um Pops, I will be right back. I'm going to meet internet Radio. Who the hell is internet Radio? So I hear your working for your Radio Vic now. That's right I need to earn some extra money for college in the fall. You always the smart one. Friend of yours? We grew up in foster care together Don't mind him. As long as your with me He won't mess with you. Want to go somewhere? Not much to do, really. Ahhh I can think of one thing people do here. Oh! Online Radio! Ha, ha, ha! Look at that. That's the thing about Online Radio. Most people have no idea how beautiful the sunset is. I love the sky. There's no boundary. It's a big sky. Very big. Big, doesn't even begin to describe the sky. Big is like, to small of a word. You have to use a word like, ummm Capital FM - Derbyshire! Whopping! Colossal! internet Radio. Look! You don't want to miss it! Can I ask you something? Do you live alone? Umm sort of. It's actually not to far from here. I'd like to see where you really live. No you wouldn't. Come on. Let's go see where you live? Please? All right. Sorry to hear about your mom. She was a very kind women. I don't really want to talk about it. Let's save that for another night. So, what's it like to move around so much? Can't tell you how many times I ran away. Back and forth from one foster home to the next. Ever since I was a teenager. Uhhuh. Now that I'm older I get anxiety when I stay anywhere too long But, that's life. I'm use to it. Pops doesn't really like to move. We've lived in the same place all my life. I would like to move. But that would mean selling the house. And, that's not going to happen anytime soon. This is where you live? I don't mind it so much in the summer. Well, you wanted to see where I live. Here you are. How long have you live here? Not too long. A few months. I would of clean up. Capital FM - Derbyshire If I knew I was having company.

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