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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Capital FM - Edinburgh

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Capital FM - Edinburgh
Capital FM - Edinburgh He's fine. He's over here musicing up some soup. I know Can you believe it! Well It's just that he needs to make some money.. before he goes to college in the Fall. Mmm hmm. I was hoping you can line him up with a job at your warehouse? for the summer? Come on Victor! He's your nephew. He's handy! He cleans. Folds the sheets boils hot water! No! You don't understand. If he doesn't get out of the this house and do something with his life I'll go crazy! Besides. He soup. Is nothing to write home about. and one more thing.. Do you think you can line him up with a nice girl? I think he might be a virgin for god sake! Somebody decent! Here me? Ahhhh are you still with the same women? Mercedes? Tell her I said "Hi". All right then, how soon can he start? Monday. He'll be there! Early! Ok, talk to you later. Bye.Bye. Done. You start work with your Radio, next week. Don't mess this up. Your Radio is being very generous. My Radio warehouse. Capital FM - Edinburgh A bank repo, he purchased recently. One of the last still left standing in Online Radio. Hard to imagine now. But if the next flood hits. All this will be lost for ever. Hey! That your Radio car! Capital FM - Edinburgh Then get the hell away from there! Beat it! Ass hole! Mwah! Mmmm como si How come you never told me you had a nephew? Oh Online Radio! Your brother called to remind you, he's coming today. I'll explain it to you later. Hey! I'm your Radio Vic! Sorry, man I thought you where one of the punks in the neighborhood. Let me take a look at ya. Have not seen you since you where a teenager. Your all grown up now, huh? Hey, meet my girl friend, Mercedes. Hola! I'm Mercedes. My nephew Ruben. Welcome! Handsome smile. You'll be seeing a lot more of him around here, He works.. for me now. Come in! Take a look around. The previous owner let the place go to hell. Needs a lot of work! ("Hello? Vic's warehouse?.") You can start by ah helping me clean up the floors. ("Hi, Mell. ") You up for it? ("uhhuh") You know ah It's a lot of manual labor and long hours. ("Yes") But, at least you will be able to afford a decent pair of shoes. ("I'll tell him. ") Ahhh Pay day's on Friday all in cash. ("Bye. ") Hmm? I expect you to work hard. I won't tolerate any bull Online Radio excuses that you can't come to work either just because your my nephew! Agreed?! Good. Can I get you anything? Here you go. Mwah! Oh! Ahh! Ah oh. God good women! What do you think I am? Do you think we will always be together? Not if you break it off! Vamos! I'm serious. Me too. Now that Ruben's here We can spend more time together. Mmmm I like Ruben! No not yet baby, Not yet! How's working with your Radio Vic? I like it. What kind of work did he give ya? Clean up. Capital FM - Edinburgh Mostly. Well That's a start! Don't over do it, Pops. This is only my second one! You mean, your second bottle. Don't you? Just get better. The doctors say if you don't I hate them! I'm taking care of my self, just fine! Ouch! When are you going back to college? Maybe in the fall. If I can get enough money. Your Radio if not paying you enough! Let me give him a call. No no no! I can fix that! No! Please pops? Just let me handle this on my own.

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