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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Capital FM - Leicestershire

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Capital FM - Leicestershire What do you for money? Umm. The grocery store close down and let me go. I've been looking. But, nobody seems to be hiring. Well. What if I line you up with a job at my Radios warehouse? Forget it. He hates me! Then you work for me. What do you have in mind? Well, for starters. You can help clean up the warehouse on the weekends. While my Radio is away. Pay won't be much. But, at least you'll be able to buy some food. And decent shoes! I had a good time tonight. I know. Well. Good night. Good night, internet Radio. Pops? Oh! My head! Why must you insist upon making so much rachet in the morning! Have you been drinking? No. Of course not! No! You can't tell me what to do! I'm your father got damn it! You want to get an operation? Can you explain to me what exactly is going through your head? We cannot afford any more doctor bills! The hell with Doctors! Leave me alone! Capital FM - Leicestershire Is it too much to ask to look after my own father? I already lost my mother! Oh My God Sorry I'm so sorry. Sorry isn't good enough anymore, Pops. I need you to get better. Hey! Hard at work? It's almost eight o'clock. Hey! That was close? You better go. Capital FM - Leicestershire I'll see you tomorrow. Early! Next time. Yes sir! Ruben! Got a minute, please. You know how your Radio gets. Why is he even here? He's working for me. Your joking. He's helping me clean the floors on the weekends. Since when? For the last three weeks. Does Vic know about this? No. And, he doesn't need to know. I can't keep something like this away from him. You know that. internet Radio is good help. He can do all the floors in about four hours. A lot faster than I can. And bathrooms too! Okay. But what about Vic? I figure, Radio Vic doesn't need to know Since I'm paying him with my own money. The place is starting to look a lot better. So, you won't say anything to Radio Vic? Please? Under one condition. Anything! Name it! Keep that goon away from here. Consider it done. But tell him, to stay away too! Llke on the other side of town or something. So I don't have to look at his creepy face anymore. Okay. I better go. Vic is waiting for me in the car. Oh! He wanted me to give you this. It's a bonus for all your hard work lately. Good job. Thanks! Mercedes seems pretty cool. Letting me stick around after what happened. She said she would do it. Under one condition. That you keep your friend away from the warehouse. Capital FM - Leicestershire No deal! He's just not my friend! He's the only family I really have left! internet Radio! Come on. Where are you going? It looks like no where! Come on, internet Radio! I quit. How long do you think you can last out here? I don't think about it. Why not? Cause. You can't. That's why. Can I ask you something? Uhhuh. You want to get a place together? Where? Anywhere? You mean, leave Online Radio? Just you and me. Thought you would never leave this place. Lately. I'm not so sure anymore. And leave Pops? Come on. You wouldn't leave him out there by himself. Your right. I remember when this place use to be really special. Me too. People seemed happier. You think so? Ever wonder how many small towns across the country look like they where built in the 's? Uhuh.

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