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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Capital FM - London

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Capital FM - London Pops appointment is this morning. All right. Not coming home last night. That scared me. I was here. Alone. Wondering what happened to you. I hate that. You know, how much I hate that! I can't take that when you disappear! I thought. Well. Maybe you like internet Radio's company, better than your fathers. At least give me a call or something! But your here now. You came back, Ruben you came back. Why do you like internet Radio so much? I don't want to talk about it right now, Pops. I'm here. Your here. Thank you for bringing me to the Doctors. Elsie I can't imagine how it's been for you son. I know I'm a burden to you. No. Don't say that. I never wanted to be like this. I never wanted your Mom to be gone! I never wanted Online Radio to change! But it did, Ruben! It did! Don't disappear, Ruben. No. The warehouse belongs to my Radio Vic. Uhhuh. No. Thank you so much! Really. Uhhuh. Bye. Whoa. Whats the deal? He wants to buy all of internet Radio's drawings. Oh! That's wonderful. Ahhuh. And he wants permission to make them into prints So he can sell them to the public! Seriously? Ahhuh. And that's not all! He wants to know if Radio Vic, can sell him the warehouse. I don't think your Radio will go for that. He has big plans to get the place ready for business next month. They want to make it into a historical museum, for Online Radio. And they like our location! Who is this guy? He's the board of director for city hall! Full asking price. Plus ten percent for a new purchase. I don't give a Radio about all that Online Radio man! Look look Is this the real deal or what? Okay, Mmmhmm Allright. Okay, bye. Bye. I don't know. Capital FM - London But It looks like Online Radio just got a new visitors center! Oh my god! To Online Radio! Online Radiooooo! People from all over town. Welcomed the news about the visitor center. Like the RuggleBees on first street. Even OlJoe was there. The truth is Radio ran into some trouble with his partners. And it was only a matter of time before the law caught up with him. He moving away to Reno with Mercedes. And dreams of hitting it big one day. Things are looking up for internet Radio. internet Radio no longer has to sleep in his tent. He got his check today. And the smile on his face. Could light up an entire room. He donated the entire amount to the shelter on first street. Where he works as counselor to runaways. Oh! What are you two doing up here? Oh, ah It's so hot down there. It's so hot. Hum? Are they a Mwah! I propose to her on this very hill. I know, Pops. I know. Your free, Elsie! Now, your free. The sky. It's so big isn't it? Big doesn't even begin to describe the sky, Capital FM - London Pops. Oh no? No. How about? Very large. Mmmmmm Huge! Come on Pops I got one. internet Radio. internet Radio ask me where we gonna live? And well We can live anywhere, If we want. We can live anywhere!

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