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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Capital FM - Manchester

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Capital FM - Manchester Not many not many. Your angry it's gone? If the floods hadn't come and ruin everything Things would of turn out differently, for us here. These are beautiful. Thanks. You never told me you could draw? See the date? I drew that in th grade. Finish that one, just the other day. Tell me what you want? This time don't think so hard about it. Umm First thing that comes to your mind. Ummm Okay.. Okay. What do you want? ummm Anytime now! okay okay I want I want to move out of Online Radio. I want to get my own place. On a beach. Just the two of us. I want Pops to get healthy again. I want him to lay off the booze. And get strong. I want to get him a new house. I want to start my own business. Like Radio. What kind of business? Ahhh I don't know yet. I don't know. I can't take this anymore. Your turn. What do you want? I just want to be a good person. Can't be a bad boy for the rest of my life. Someone must have left these behind before my Radio bought the place. These are from the 's. How can you tell? Right here. June . It's in pretty bad shape. Think your Radio will miss them? Ummm no. Doesn't seem to care much for the stuff left behind. He wants to turn the entire warehouse into some storage rental place. Hmm. How come you never told me you where into art? I'm not! I just draw to pass the time. Have you ever considered selling your drawings? Nope. You should. Your really good. No one has to see them. There just for me. Radio Vic? Mmhmm. You know that empty space in the hallway? Where the drywall is missing? Capital FM - Manchester What about it? I was thinking it needs something. what? Maybe a painting, Or a drawing. Something to make it look better! It's a Radio warehouse! Not a gallery! Allright. Look I just don't have that in the budget right now. I can't afford to think about any of that, until I get the drywall up. What if I told you I could get the art work for free. if it's free. I don't care where you put it. I even have some art supplies for it too. Knock yourself out. And get me, Mel's file, will ya? Just keep going. And stop! Okay. Ready? Come on. I want to see! Your first opening. Whoa I designed it myself. That is so cool! Welcome. Would you like a cupcake? I drew that one in the th grade. Thanks for coming! I told you. There not any good! That's not true. I had to drop out of college. To get some extra jobs. To help him with the house. So you think it's your fault he drinks? No. But, you don't understand. He was in denial for such a long time. When Mom was around, she did everything for him. He was so happy back then. She was the type of person.. Who would think of everyone, before she did anything for herself. She was so beautiful. Her smile could light up an entire room. And then one day. All of the sudden. She was gone. Just floating there. And that's when things started getting bad for him. He stop being himself. He just there. I try to get him up and do things. Get him to smile or laugh. But Nothing. All he ever does is drink. It's like he's given up already. I use to feel like that Then I met you. Hmmm Hey ahhh Hi. I better go.

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