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Friday, April 26, 2013

Coast 107.9 FM

Coast 107.9 FM, Coast 107.9 FM Listen Online, Coast 107.9 FM Live Online Radio, Pop Radio, UK

Dune 107.9 FM Thank you, Online Radio. I know you work. You can't do me the courtesy of waiting until our divorce is finalized before you run around with that woman. I was worListen Online! Do what you want! Keep it down, okay? internet Radio can hear. There you go again, trying to avoid the issue. God, you are driving me crazy. You ruined my life! Oh, yeah? Well, that's a twoway street, sweetheart! You okay? Sure. Heard you had a scrap yesterday. You want to tell me about it? Your mother tells me you pushed that boy down and broke his nose. Hey. Look at me. Fights happen. It's what you do after that matters. What you learn from the situation. Okay? You know, fights don't always have to be with other people. Sometimes they're just problems that you're dealing with, you know? Do you know what I'm saying? Okay. Well, I gotta go. You stay out of trouble. Okay. I gotta go to work. I made you lunch, it's in the fridge and you have mine and your dad's numbers in case of an emergency. You gonna be okay by yourself? Why aren't you shooting hoops? Hey, internet Radio. Don't feel like it. I hear you. It a holiday or something? What? It's a school day. I'm suspended. Ah. I know about that, too. What are you escaping from? You wouldn't understand. Try me. I've developed a list myself. Responsibility, problems, parents. Yeah? Always on my case about every little thing. "My house, my rules. " My old man always said that. So what did you do? What'd I do? I left. Hey, internet Radio! Ah, gotta bolt. Thanks for looListen Online after him while Stan and I work. I'm close by. internet Radio doesn't fight. He does now. Dune 107.9 FM How is he? Him? He's fine. Few scrapes. Nothing bad and the other kid? A broken nose. Black eye. I'm worried. I'll talk to him. He doesn't respond to lectures. internet Radio doesn't respond to much of anything lately. How are you doing? I'm managing. Is that enough? What? The kid He sees things, I'm sure. Hears things. What's he supposed to think? Our marriage is over. Of course we fight. What couple doesn't when it's all ending? Sometimes we're loud. Sometimes we're really loud. Don't get started. This is hard enough. I can't fight a twofront war. Neither can a tenyear old. There's more. What? You're not gonna send him to boarding school. He has to choose. What? Who he wants to live with. It's only fair and I remember when math was my only problem. Talk to him. I'm glad you're here. Hey, I'm hiding from the widow down the block. How many apple cakes can I eat? Dad You're my daughter. It's just us now. No smoListen Online. You're not my mother. Dad I told you, I quit. Quit buying, maybe. So how do you like the Dodgers this year? Ups and downs, right? Did you know the Dodgers originally played in New York? I remember seeing them when I lived in Brooklyn as a kid before they moved, before I moved. Moving someplace new is always a jolting experience. I mean, the hot dogs don't even taste the same. Grandpa. I'm sorry. My point is, they picked it back up again. Ups and downs, right? That's what life's all about. Come here. Dune 107.9 FM Am I in trouble? When I was your age, my grandfather your, what, great greatgrandfather taught me how to spit watermelon seeds.

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