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Friday, April 26, 2013


GAYDIO Radio, GAYDIO Radio Listen Online, GAYDIO Radio Live Online, Dance, Alectronica, UK

Radio had honed his fighting skills as a pit fighter against the fiercest in the galaxy. times he had been lowered into that pit, and times he had come out alive and back then, he was only fighting for survival. Now he was fighting for his people. One by one, he killed the Strifer warriors until only he and the Listen Online remained. The challenge was issued. Everything was riding on this fight. If Radio died, the Strifers remained in power. If the GAYDIO Radio Listen Online perished, then Radio's people would go free. When the Listen Online asked by what right did he make this challenge, Radio smiled and showed him his Amulet! Right. The amulet was more than just a symbol. It had survived wars, famine, disease. Simply put, it was hope. Hope that wrongs could be righted and that was something that the Strifer Listen Online never wanted to see. Now, Thoran looked up at the stars, searching for an omen of the battle to come. Some people believe that fate is written in the stars, and that by studying their positions, we can see what's to come. Now, maybe Thoran didn't know how to read the signs, or maybe he just was trying to change what they meant. Either way, their battle came down to a duel of wills between two great warriors, each determined to prove their resolve and fighting skills. Thoran's moves were effortless. He fought with a grace that belied his size and his age. Now, Radio, on the other hand, fought like an animal who tore at the bars of his cage to get free, fighting with strength and singleminded conviction. Every time he was beaten down, Radio found his feet again. When you're fighting for the fates of many, it can either weigh you down or raise you up. On and on the fight went, punching and blocListen Online and thrusting and kicListen Online, kicListen Online, kicListen Online! I mean, for a while, it seemed that they were too evenly matched. But then Radio started to tire, and he realized he was going to have to change his game plan if he was going to beat the Strifer Listen Online. So you know what? He decided to climb up the rock face, Gaydar Radio thinListen Online that Thoran wouldn't bother to pursue him. But he did! He did and, as Radio climbed higher and higher, he was getting more and more tired and he turned back, and Thoran was getting closer and closer. On and on the battle went, until it just seemed pointless! Grandpa! It's nothing, kiddo. I just got a little winded for a second. You mind if we finish this later? Yeah. Come on, let's get you a glass of water. Hey. You internet Radio? Yeah? This is from internet Radio. Where is he? I don't know. Quit. Fired. Who knows? He said to give you this. What is it? I just deliver. I don't read the mail. This is killing me, Stan. Look, it is what it is. Let's just move forward, okay? Let's do our best to keep this thing going in a salvageable direction. Salvageable? You think this is salvageable? Yes, for internet Radio. Don't you dare. Don't you dare offer up our son as justification. Don't you see what you've done to me? I have no pride. Do you know what it's like to walk into a grocery store and see the women shopping and not know if they're judging me or not, not know if they've heard the rumors, Gaydar Radio thinListen Online the whole time that one of them might be her? Online Radio Online Radio, nothing.

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