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Friday, April 26, 2013

Dunoon Community Radio - 97.4 FM

Dunoon Community Radio - 97.4 FM, Dunoon Community Radio - 97.4 FM Listen Online, Dunoon Community Radio - 97.4 FM Live Online, Varied Radio, UK

Dunoon Community Radio - 97.4 FM Anybody ever teach you that? No. Okay. First, you take a bite like this. You work it in your mouth. Try to get all the seeds between your teeth and your cheek and when all the fruit is gone, and the seeds are all you got left you let her rip. Now you try. Not bad. You know with all the seedless watermelons they have now, this is a dying art. I got into a fight the other day. So I heard. You aren't mad? I didn't have to duck any punches. But now that you bring it up, can I ask why? I don't want to talk about it. Fair enough. Mom and Dad say I have to choose. Choose? Who I want to live with. Oh. Yeah. You know they both love you very much. Lots of boys don't have that luxury. I want my parents to live together. I think you'll find that what we want and what we get are rarely the same thing. Reminds me of a story that my grandfather, your Greatgreat? Good. Grandfather, told me. It was about Nah, skip it. What? Well, it's just a stupid story. Something you'd hear before you went to bed. You wouldn't be interested. Is it any good? Well, I don't know. I liked it. But I like adventure stories. Heroes battling bad guys, people dying, worlds being saved. But that's just me. Tell it. You sure? Yeah. Tell it. All right. Is your mother watching us? No. It's a habit. Drink chocolate milk. I'm lactoseintolerant. But you eat ice cream. You want to hear the story or not? Okay. Once upon a time Ah, jeez. What's the matter now? It's a fairy tale. You're gonna tell me a fairytale. No, it is not a fairy tale. Well, not exactly. Whatever. Listen up. You might learn something. Okay. Now, like all stories, this begins in a place and time not like our own. There was a small village on a distant planet where simple folks worked the land. There was a boy about the same age as you and he lived there with his mother and father and the boy's name was Radio. But life, no matter what galaxy you're in, is made up of differences and while these people lived in peace, there are always those who thrive on war. Dunoon Community Radio - 97.4 FM The Strifers were savage. What they saw, they took and those that resisted were killed or enslaved and as they moved across the land, they conquered all those who stood in their way, regardless if they pledged allegiance or rebellion. What does that mean? Whether they gave in or fought back. Oh. Thoran was the Strifer Listen Online. He was ruthless, with a hunger for everything he set his eyes on and when his eyes fell on the village, the fate of Radio and his family was sealed. War is never a good thing. But when you're fighting for your family, your community, it takes on a special meaning because you're protecting what's most precious to you. Now, that day, the villagers fought valiantly, but they lost. Many died, including Radio's father. Some were enslaved. The lucky ones escaped. Radio watched as the Strifers destroyed all that he had come to know and the horrors that he saw were too much for words. Radio managed to escape, and he found his mother chained to a wall. Dunoon Community Radio - 97.4 FM The Strifers had captured her and they were slowly feeding her a serum that was poisoning her.

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