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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Calm Radio - Persia

Calm Radio - Persia, Calm Radio - Persia Listen Online, Calm Radio - Persia Live Online, Canada

Calm Radio - Persia
Calm Radio - Persia I felt like I was on fire. This was totally different to the other times. It felt like someone had taken a torch and lit both my arms. I put my arms up inside the freezer and leaned into my freezer and stayed there for I don't know how long. Lightning is nature's electricity. It's in the air and it's going to hurt you if it hits you. It could kill you, but if you live, you will never be the same. You will never feel the same, you will never think the same. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. In the future, the violence of our summer skies may get worse. So the next time you're caught in a storm, consider this... it could be all your own fault. It's Friday and time to go home. The weather's been lovely all week and everyone's looking forward to a sunny weekend. But have you ever noticed how the weather messes it all up? Not again. You may think that rain at the weekend is just bad luck, but scientist Randy Savini has stumbled on something really strange we may be the cause of it. My research into weekend rainfall began as a fortunate accident. I had been studying hurricanes and inadvertently ran a computer programme that classified hurricane observations by day of the week. When I plotted those observations, I found a bizarre, interesting pattern. He found that the strength of hurricanes seemed to differ depending on the day of the week. What Randy's computer told him about hurricanes led him to realise that the way we live and work may be changing the weather around us. It all comes down to the sevenday week. Given that the sevenday cycle doesn't occur in nature it's something man came up with thousands of years ago if we see changes in weather occurring on a sevenday cycle, the assumption is it's something we're doing to create that. To prove we are influencing the weather on a weekly basis, Randy needed more evidence. We went to the archive and grabbed years of data, and looked at rainfall. Calm Radio - Persia Rainfall is easily measured, measured in many different locations, and is important to people. And for location after location, as I was doing this, we found that rainfall showed the same cycles that we saw with hurricanes.

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