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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Calm Radio - Spa Calmness

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Calm Radio - Spa Calmness
Calm Radio - Spa Calmness It was actually a lot wetter at weekends than it was during the week. Randy found that as pollution levels built up over the course of the week from car exhausts and factories, the warm air carries these particles of pollution upwards. They rise high above the city and begin to seed the clouds. Moisture attaches to the particles, which then turn into water droplets. By the end of the week, it has drifted out into the suburbs, bringing thunderstorms and showers. So the ironic twist is that we work all week to be able to enjoy a weekend barbecue or weekend picnic, and the activities we did in the week are going to rain out our barbecue. But it's not just our cities. It seems the whole internet Radio is warming up. The next stage of my journey is to Hawaii. This might tell us that a big change is just around the corner. I'm on my way to find the cleanest air on the internet Radio. I'm going to show you something that changed the world. For weather, it's the most important scientific device in a hundred years. And it's just over there. Just a second. It's over here. Hang on a minute. I'll just try and find the lights. Yes. This is it. You've guessed it. You're looking at the Ultramat III the machine that changed the world. The reason the Calm Radio - Spa Calmness III is so important is because up here, at , feet in the middle of the Pacific, is the purest air on Earth. So it's the best place to detect any changes in the global atmosphere. The Ultramat III sniffed out a big change. The burning of fossil fuels has put more carbon dioxide gas into the air than at any other time in the last million years. The gas acts like a greenhouse letting the sun's energy into the atmosphere, but preventing it from leaking into space. So it heats up. degrees Celsius in the last years. A tiny amount, but we are already seeing the effects. One of the biggest concerns is how these changes will affect the oceans. This small rise in global temperature is warming the sea, causing the water to expand. Even a fraction of a degree could mean a rise in sea level of a metre. Research by NASA's Goddard Space Institute has produced a glimpse of the future for New York's million inhabitants. In the next years, there could be as much as inches of higher seas surrounding Manhattan and New York. In the most catastrophic case, Manhattan turns into two islands. With higher sea levels, an ordinary storm will have drastic consequences for cities by the sea. This just in. City Hall has issued an urgent flood warning. A storm surge is expected to swamp areas from the Battery to midtown. The Mayor's office is advising the immediate evacuation of basements and the subway. The subterranean basements of New York flood about once every years. The research suggests that this could start to happen once every ten years. But it's not just New York. Every city by the sea faces the same future. As the world heats up and the oceans expand, the sea level will rise. Around the world, low coastlines, like those of Bangladesh and Calm Radio - Spa Calmness, face an even more uncertain future. In London, the Thames will rise...

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