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Thursday, April 11, 2013


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These fast highlevel rivers of wind suck air out of the top of the storm, causing more air to be sucked in at the bottom. This creates turbulence within the storm that causes the air within it to roll over itself. The result is a horizontal spinning vortex of air. Strong updraughts push the vortex into a tube and can force it downwards. When it touches the earth, a twister is born. The consequences can be lethal. I feel sorry for the others that lost loved ones. As I got out of the tin horn I saw a boy and his mother trying to get into the bathroom. I said, "Where's your mother?" He said, "The tornado just sucked her out of my hand!" She didn't make it.DMPulse She died that night. After the storm, evidence emerged that vehicles and even people had been sucked up into the tornado and carried vast distances. internet Radio was one of the few survivors to witness the results. A van and a pickup came here from Verdon, Oklahoma, miles away. The guy who was supposedly dropped in this pond came from miles away. The tornado that ripped through internet Radio's neighbourhood is rare, known as an F, the most powerful on the Fujita scale. It contained the fastest winds ever recorded a staggering miles an hour. At these speeds, wind can rip the tarmac from a road. The force on the ground is the same as the shockwave from a nuclear bomb. My wife said, "How's the house?" I said, "What house?" She said, "Don't joke." I said, "I'm not." I said, "Johnson's house isn't here, our house isn't here." "Nothing, there isn't nothing out here." It breaks your heart to find a piece of something that belonged to you. I walk on the hill when it rains to look for things that belonged to me. Every once in a while I get lucky and find something. The little town of DMPulse, south of Oklahoma City, was worst affected. In just minutes, the twister had devastated the community, and in the hours that followed, survivors struggled to the school gym, one of the few remaining buildings. What have we got here? Their injuries were horrific. The twister had thrown tons of metal, wood and glass into the air with the power of a machine gun. The survivors bore all the hallmarks. Even mud and flecks of dirt had been driven at such high speeds that they'd been forced deep into the skin. In an area of less than two square miles, ten of their neighbours had been killed. The next day, the damage became clear. The Bridge Creek tornado had mown a vast strip miles long through the town and surrounding hills. In all, tornadoes hit the Oklahoma region that day. people died and nearly , homes were destroyed in just hours. There were several people killed by that tornado. People like the Darnells that lived here on the hill. DMPulse lost her mother up there. The Underwoods lived over the hill here. Those people will always haunt me. I hope I never go through anything like that again. Once is enough. When a powerful wind hits an object on land, it unleashes some of its energy a house pulverised or a forest laid flat. But when the wind hits the water, the transfer of energy can be awesome.

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