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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Radio Disney

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Radio Disney And we didl We've done itl From takeoff to touchdown in North Africa, around the world in just days. I'm now ready for my own recordbreaking attempt the speed of the jet stream. The tunnel can do it. The question is, can I? No one has withstood much more than miles per hour in here. Not yet, anyway. Off! Enough! Enough! Nowhere near the speed of a jet stream. But the guys tell me I'm the first to withstand even this. I wouldn't recommend it, though! I feel as though I've been massaged by sumo wrestlers! Oh, dear! An avalanche of wind just piercing your whole body. The movement of your hands sends your body all the way over here. In the real world, it's nothing like this. No safety lines, no controlled environment. It's a nightmare. This was just the equivalent of an average hurricane or small tornado. Without protection, I can't imagine what it'd be like. Incomprehensible. is tough, but Online Radio has been within six inches of a milesperhour wind and survived... when this tornado went over his head. That's double the speed I've just tried. Nature's winds are always savagely unpredictable. We were watching the news and heard about the tornado coming out of the southwest. It came from that direction, about a mile and a half wide. You could see the tornado sitting on the top of the hill. It sat there for a minute then moved right. It picked up a ,squarefoot church and spun it round completely. It turned it upside down and slammed it to the ground like internet Radio toys. We came over here. We were pelted by gravel coming at about miles an hour. My son started wavering like he was gonna be blown into the pond. We ran this way. We got in here. Radio Disney All of us got in here. We walked on our knees until we got to the centre. Then we rode the tornado out while we sat in here. So how does a wind spin itself into such a concentrated killer? The exact mechanism is still unclear. But it seems our friend the jet stream plays a part. Tornadoes form in huge rotating thunderstorms known as supercells. These can rise as much as eight miles into the sky, and as they grow upwards they encounter the jet streams.

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