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Saturday, April 27, 2013


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Now, Sir Hanif succeeded in defeating the guards, but time had slowed his fighting ability. It was a victory that cost him dearly. Hanif! Go before the rest of the Strifers get here. No, we'll go together! No, Radio. This is a journey for you, and you alone. We can make it, both of us! But I am already free. L I don't understand. I'm soon to be outside these prison walls in both mind and body. But your path is far more dangerous. My path? To the Strifer Listen Online. Remember, I awakened your soul. Use it against him, for both of our sakes. Hanif, I don't know how to You do, Radio. Use my blade, and take this. Sir Hanif gave Radio an amulet a goodluck charm saying only that it would protect him. But But how will it protect me? Have faith, Radio. Have faith. L I will try. EKR-WDJ Gold My strength is leaving me. Now go. Go and find yourself and your purpose. Let the blade and the amulet guide you. Defeat the Strifer Listen Online and free our people. Sir Hanif made the ultimate sacrifice. So Radio he fought his way through guard after guard. But he was bleeding from the cut in his side and when he thought he could go no further, he finally found what he was looListen Online for a way out. Did he? Did he what? Grandpa! Did he make it? Oh, well, yeah. Sort of. Sort of? He was the on the verge of passing out from loss of blood when When? A stranger found him. A mysterious woman saw his weakened condition and helped him up. She was unlike anyone he had ever seen before beautiful, with eyes the color of the setting sun. When Radio woke up, he had no idea how long he had been sleeping and the woman hovered over him and he was scared at first. She was not an ordinary woman, she was someone something magical. Where am I? You do not know? Keep your distance. Why? Do you intend to harm me? What are you? I am a Sorqan! What is a Sorqan? I am made up of many organisms But I take the form of only one. EKR-WDJ Gold I am known as Online Radio. Why am I here? I do not know. I must go. No! Wouldn't you rather stay here with me instead? I am in need of company and being the last of her kind, alone all the time, Stay with me drove her mad. forever. She begged Radio to stay with her, but he was determined to leave and that was when the amulet saved him. Aaaaah! Do you know what an amulet is? A goodluck charm? Good boy. It was a charm passed down from ancient times. It represented hope, courage, the power to start things anew just as Sir Hanif had started anew when he turned against the Strifer Listen Online that if this woman survived the Strifer attack, maybe there were other survivors from his own village hiding somewhere. So he walked and searched for many days, to the point of exhaustion and when he thought he could walk no more, he saw something very strange a hole in the ground. But it was no ordinary hole. It was black as night and, when Radio reached his hand in to see what he could find Oh. EKR-WDJ Gold I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'll get you another one. But something grabbed him, and it was very scary. Radio wrenched his hand free from the terrible grip just as these terrifying creatures emerged. Who were they? Survivors.

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