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Saturday, April 27, 2013


EKR-WDJ Now, EKR-WDJ Now Radio Listen Online, EKR-WDJ Now Live Online, Rock Radio, UK

EKR-WDJ Now You have children, you raise a family, make a better lot in life. But along the way, life tends to throw in a curveball or two. You and mom don't love each other anymore. No. No, we don't. Well, not the way we used to. Then in what way? Well look, I'm gonna tell you this because I think you're old enough to understand it. When I first met your mom, it was like nothing else I had ever felt before. It was like you know how when you're running real fast and you gotta stop because you gotta catch your breath? It was like that. Only that's how I felt every time we were together and when we got married, there wasn't a day when the sun didn't rise and set with her. But sometime in the last year, I stopped loving your mother the way I used to when we got married and I can't explain why I wish I could but one morning I just felt it and, here's the thing about falling in love that no one ever tells you, but I'm telling you now you can always fall out of it. I don't understand. EKR-WDJ Now Well, you will, buddy, when you get a little bit older. Trust me. Now, as far as who you're gonna live with, that decision is completely up to you and your mom and I aren't gonna try to sway you in any way. We both love you very much. How will I know if you're gonna fall out of it? You little grubberish yah! That kind of love no parent ever falls out of. All right. Now, you give that a whirl. Come on. Looks like you could use a cold soda. Hey, internet Radio. You got the weight of the world on your shoulders. I can tell. You got that look. What look? It's the way you carry yourself. That hunchedover, "I can't put anything else on my shoulder" look. It's that obvious? Know what helps with that? Give me the ball. Follow me. Come over. For whatever reason, shooting free throws always helped me to get my mind straight. You play a lot. In school. Starting point guard for a team that went to State. We lost but, we had a fun ride. Now I only mess around when the mood hits me. Here, why don't you give it a go? Uh, I don't play. It's not playing, it's shooting. Cheapest therapy I know. Here, take it. Hold the ball like this. Bring it over your head like so. Keep your eye on the back of the rim. That's what you're aiming for. You aim for the front, you'll brick the shot for sure. Now, when shooting your left hand guides the ball, while your right hand propels the shot. Always, always, always follow through with your shooting hand. Why? Hell if I know, kid. It's what the coaches always said. Go ahead, give it a try. Sweet! You want to talk about it? EKR-WDJ Now My parents are splitting up. The "D" word. I should have known. So which one are you gonna live with? That's the thing. They want me to decide. Ah, hell. Excuse my French. That's a hard place to be in. I'll tell you this. You're not the first kid whose parents got the big "D". Great. I feel so much better now. I'm serious. It stinks, but it happens. It'll be hard, but it's livable. EKR-WDJ Now What makes you so sure? Why do you think I left home? Just because they can't live with each other doesn't mean they can live without you. How am I gonna make a decision without hurting one of them? You can't.

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