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Saturday, April 27, 2013


EKR-WDJ Retro,EKR-WDJ Retro Radio Listen Online, EKR-WDJ Retro Live Online, Rock Radio, UK

EKR-WDJ Retro Someone's going to get hurt. I'll tell you something else. They're scared. Scared of what? You're the glue now, kid. You can keep them as close or as far apart as you want. You understand? So this is where you've been hiding out. Who's this? Grandpa, this is internet Radio. internet Radio, my grandpa. Nice to meet you, Grandpa. Nice to meet you. I gotta go pick up some trash. I'll catch you later. You know him? He's a friend of mine. I don't like him. You don't know him. Didn't know bin Laden, either. You want an ice cream cone? Yeah. Let's go. Grab your stuff. You better hurry up or I'm gonna eat yours, too. So are you gonna continue the story? Sure. Just let me sit down first. Come on! Okay. Where were we? When Radio got captured by the Strifer Listen Online. That's right, he got captured. But they didn't enslave him. No. They did something much worse. They made him into a pit fighter. The young boy grew into a strong man EKR-WDJ Retro and they taught him how to fight, kind of like the gladiators of ancient Rome and did he learn. He was the best. times they lowered him into the pit, and times he raised his arm in victory. The only time he was allowed to leave his cell was to train or fight and for the longest time, that's all he knew. He became like an animal, like a savage, as savage as the Strifers who had locked him up and one day, suddenly, something changed. What? He had enough. He reached his limit. He just couldn't do it anymore. The fighting, the death. He was a man at the end of his rope. There comes a time in everyone's life when a decision has to be made, and Radio made it no more fighting. When they came for him, he refused to leave his cell. EKR-WDJ Retro He didn't care what the consequences were. He was finished. Radio was given a choice. Fight, or be taken to the Strifer Listen Online, a fate that no one had ever returned from alive. That was when he met Sir Hanif. He was a freedom fighter who had been silenced by the Strifers in a terrible way. How? They wired his mouth shut. Come here. You speak with your mind. How? A lost art known to a few. Sir Hanif seemed to want to help Radio, but suddenly, he stabbed him. How come? Why didn't he help him? Well, in a way, he did help him. He awakened Radio's anger, and when Radio was angry, he was strong. Hanif! Why? Why did you do this? To set you free. I don't understand. You said You said you were going to help me. Soon, you will feel the strength flowing in you. In a way, Sir Hanif was his savior. He showed Radio what a person can do if he believes in himself, if he sees the truth in things. You see, Sir Hanif used to be a great warrior, too, and friend to the Strifer Listen Online. But when he finally saw the evil that lurked in the Listen Online's heart, he made a decision. EKR-WDJ Retro He refused to serve the Listen Online anymore. So he was imprisoned and forced to fight in the pits. Just like Radio. That's right. Radio made his own decision. It was better to die fighting for his freedom than to live as a slave and Sir Hanif came to that same conclusion. In one final charge, he attacked the Strifer guards outside the prison cell.

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