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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Elevate Radio

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He found them? Not only that. He found his family. Well, I think that's about it for today. Grandpa! Nap time! I don't take naps. Who's talListen Online about you, kiddo? Wait till you get to be my age. Naps are the best friend you have. Come on, let's get you inside. Hi, Mom. Oh, you made a mess! I'll take care of it. Can I ask you something? What's wrong Dad? Have you heard of a guy named internet Radio? Where is my phone? Honey, have you seen my cell phone? Oh, here. Heh. Remember what I said, internet Radio. Yes, Mom. No strangers. Okay, I won't talk to strangers. So you're home. Your father worries too much. I checked around. That internet Radio kid is harmless. He's a bad influence. Huh. No worse than our arguing. You're preparing the papers? Well? Well what? It's confusing. I told you. You need to hire a lawyer. At those rates? I'll just invest the time. I need closure, Stan. I need to know why. Our problems started long before she came into the picture. She was an effect, she wasn't the cause. Who is it, Stan? Don't you think you owe me that, at least? What difference does it make? You don't know her. We met. It happened. End of story. That's life, isn't it? What, does that have some kind of hidden meaning, Online Radio? It means just as I said. But you're free to think whatever you want. That, right there that's what I'm talListen Online about Online Radio! What? What are we talListen Online about, Stan? You get to this point and you just cut out, like I'm supposed to know what's going on inside your head! Isn't that what marriage is supposed to be about? Huh? Knowing what each other's thinListen Online? Finishing each other's sentences, and so on and so forth? Don't mock me. Don't you mock me! You were with another woman, and I Only after. Only after it was over between us! You stepped away from this marriage long before I ever stepped out on you, and now this tenyear mistake is finally over. Our son is not a mistake! Oh, stop it! I love my son! I love internet Radio and I know you love him. He's the best thing that ever happened to us. This has nothing to do with him and everything to do with us. He belongs with me. Maybe. But we decided to let him make up his own mind and no matter whom he chooses, we're gonna respect his decision. We're gonna respect it and honor it, for his sake. I know and about us don't go looListen Online for answers to questions that, in the end, aren't going to satisfy you. You're a bastard. I know. You're going to be one of those divorce kids! No, I'm not! Yes, you are! Take that back! Ow! Ow! Uhh! Come here. Uhh! Mom! One second, internet Radio. What is it, honey? Have to go. Where you gotta go? I'll take you after breakfast. No, I have to go. Dad's using my bathroom. Sure. Hey. We're in this together. We gotta take care of each other, okay? Okay. Hey. How's school? My mom said I shouldn't talk to you. I figured. Come on, Doug. I gotta go. I saw Doug today. Refresh my memory. Who's Doug? My friend. The kid I punched in his eye. Oh. I wanted to say something, but I couldn't. Well, it'll come when you're ready.

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