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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Energy 106

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Energy 106 One of the greatest players of all time. Come on, you gotta know who I'm talListen Online about. I told you I didn't know a lot about basketball. You want to hear a story? I met him. Really? An AllStar game. Threepoint contest. He was behind, and as time ticked down, he started raining them in. On his last shot, after he released the ball, he turned his back to the net and walked off the court, with his index finger pointing in the air. internet Radio, he didn't even see the shot go in, but he knew. Wow. Energy 106 I stayed around after, when he was signing autographs. He signed my ball. My most prized possession. No matter how broke I get, that piece never sells. Some things are worth more than money. You got that? Yeah. How's your friend doing? Doug? Okay, I guess. It's tough when friends fight. You think it'll never happen, but it does. I didn't want to hit him. It just sort of happened. He was saying things, and I got mad. I don't remember even throwing the punch. He's my best friend. Thing is, best friends are best friends for a reason. A good friendship can survive anything. So what do I do now? What do you want to do? Tell him I'm sorry. Sounds like a plan to me. Hey. Whatcha doin'? Nothing. Yeah, me, too. How's the eye? It can be like this for another week or so. Does it still hurt? Not anymore. It looks worse than it is. What? I don't know. It makes you look tough. Yeah? Yeah. Like a boxer or something. Guess what? What? Mary Peterson asked me about it yesterday. Mary Peterson? What'd you say? Said it was nothing. She thought I was being mysterious. She left a note in my locker. No way! Way. Dude, she's, like, a year older than us. I know! Glad I could help. Energy 106 Need to be a friggin' Music scientist for these games. Something's wrong with this game. I can't get it worListen Online. You have to hit the color buttons when it goes to a circle and strum at the same time. Isn't it easier to just play the guitar? Didn't they have video games when you were a kid? Yeah. They were called "sports. " And where were you? TaListen Online a shower. Before that. Playing ball with internet Radio. Ah. I see. Then I made up with Doug. Well, I'm glad to hear that. Look, uh, this guy internet Radio is his name? I don't think that's the kind of person you want to be spending time with. Why not? Well there are three kinds of people, internet Radio the good, the bad, and the ones that were good but went bad along the way. I think this internet Radio might be the third type. You don't even know him. That's true. It's just a feeling I get. I'd hate to see you getting, you know, influenced. Lf, I'm wrong, I'm wrong. I just want you to be okay. You ever heard of Web Radio Bird? Who hasn't? I'm surprised you have. Why do you ask? No reason. Are we okay? Yeah. Old age, kid. Makes you want to make sure that all those you love are taken care of. Wait'll you get to be years older. But that's, like, a million years away. Yeah. Are you gonna finish the story? I was thinListen Online about getting some coffee. I'd rather hear the story. Oh, you would, would you? You can't smoke inside.

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