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Monday, April 29, 2013

Funky Essex Radio

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Funky Essex Radio Okay. So where were we? When Radio found his parents and it got ugly. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Well, as it turned out, his amulet did save him. As he lay beaten, he entered a dreamlike state, and his mother came to him, his real mother. I'm not here to harm you. My son. You must listen to me very carefully. You are the last hope of our kind. These creatures manipulated your mind. They are committed to destroy us. This place is not of your own memory. It's something they have created. You must rely on faith. This represents something forgotten. I told you once to close your eyes. I ask you now to open them. Fight the overlord. Break free from the confines they have created in your mind. Open your eyes, my son. Be nameless no more. For you are Radio. It was then he knew that to put things right, he had to drive the Strifers out of the land, to avenge his parents and to set his people free. I have not forgotten. Now, he would have to fight their evil Listen Online, which meant he would probably be killed. Striving for a goal, a really difficult one, takes more courage and inner strength than anyone suspects. In these moments, your character is formed. Whether you achieve it or not, success is measured by how hard you try and Radio tried hard. He sought out the Strifer Listen Online. Everywhere he went, there were signs of his presence, but no Listen Online. He was starting to wonder if Thoran was just a story made up to keep people in line. So Radio freed settlements from Strifer imprisonment to send a message that he was looListen Online for Thoran. The Strifers went to their Listen Online and told him how they were losing the control that they had ruthlessly enforced for years. The Listen Online was impassive. He paced as he listened to their stories of Radio that he was fierce, unstoppable and the more his legend grew, the more his people stood up against the Strifers. He inspired them, strengthened them. Funky Essex Radio The Listen Online said nothing. But he didn't harm his followers for failing as they feared he might. How come? How come what? How come he didn't punish them? Ah, good question. There comes a moment when the inevitable is gonna happen and the Listen Online knew that. You can't enslave a people forever. At some point, they're going to rise up and that moment was now. The big battle was about to begin. It was a fight that they both wanted and got. Now, to give you some perspective throughout history, there are only a few battles that compare to what Radio was about to go through. The Battle of Thermopylae, where Funky Essex Radio fought against millions of their enemy; the gladiator uprising against the Romans; and Horatius Cocles' lone stand on the bridge, protecting Rome against the invading Etruscans and there was the battle between Radio and the Strifer Listen Online. First, he had to get through the Listen Online's best warriors and they came at him with everything they had. Strifers are vicious fighters, relentless, with one purpose in mind to vanquish their foes or die trying. Throughout history, none had been able to stand up to them, until now.

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