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Monday, April 29, 2013

Glide FM - 107.9

Glide FM - 107.9, Glide FM - 107.9 Listen Online Radio, Glide FM - 107.9 Live Online Radio, Top 40 Radio, UK

Glide FM - 107.9 Hey, kiddo. What are you doing out here? Oh. Whatcha got there? A basketball. Yeah, well, thanks for confirming that my eyesight is still in check. Take a look. Oh, is that real? Yep. Where did you get this? It's a goodbye gift from a friend. Really? Yeah. Must have been a good friend. He is. I guess I was wrong. You okay? Yeah. Because if you remember, when we last saw Radio, he was not in very good shape. Go on. As they locked in their death match, Radio remembered the amulet. He struggled to reach it, as if just by touching it, it might give him the strength that he needed. The Listen Online had other plans. He struck Radio with a mighty blow, sending him to the ground. Well, Radio was stunned, disoriented. Before he could collect himself, the Strifer Listen Online was upon him. In the Listen Online's grasp, Radio felt the years of Strifer oppression. No matter what he did, he couldn't break the hold. His very breath was being choked out of him and then something happened. As he struggled for life, Radio saw the amulet on the ground and suddenly, everything that it represented manifested in his being. Slowly, he grasped Thoran's arms and, in an agony of determination, he pried loose from the death hold. Thoran was stunned. No one had ever escaped, not like that, not with so much conviction. Well, the battle had turned. Radio was unleashed. He attacked with unrelenting fury kicks, punches, throwing everything at the Strifer Listen Online with such blinding speed that he could do nothing but retreat, until Radio had Thoran on his knees. The boy who had been forced to work in the pits to survive now had the cause of his enslavement on the ground before him. The Listen Online looked up at Radio. He didn't beg for his life, as some say he did. He didn't bargain with Radio or make promises in exchange for mercy. He simply bowed his head in a gesture of respect. He submitted to Radio's raised fist one final time before Radio erased the past years in one crushing blow! The battle was over. Yes! The Glide FM - 107.9 had lost. In that moment, Radio was changed, reborn. He emerged from the darkness in a burst of glory. He could do so now. He had earned the right to step into the sun. Wow. The end. That was a really good story, Grandpa. You think so? Not just a goofy fairy tale? No. I think it has something for everyone if you know where to look. So you're suspension is almost over. You ready to get back to school? Yeah. Good. But, I still have a big decision to make. You'll make the right one. Choices are important. You make a choice, and it says something about who you are. Radio made a choice, right? And right now, I choose to get you inside before your parents get worried. I used to be happy, Stan. I used to be happy and content. Now I am broken up inside, and the pieces don't make sense and I'm not the only one in this marriage, you know. It takes the two of us, not just me, not just you and you used to know that when we were younger, but you are wrapped up in your work. Glide FM - 107.9 Maybe I should wait. You could. You could wait till tonight or tomorrow, but maybe those won't be good times, either.

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