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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hard House UK Radio

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It got complicated at the office. Tell her that I will be home soon. Okay. You have to get the reporters out. The hospital is a mess. You're awake. Park! I will get the doctor here. Are you alright? Reporters wanted to ask questions. We had to move you to this room. The surgery went well. Your organs were not damaged. Had the knife went in cm to the left, you wouldn't even be here right now. My phone doesn't stop ringing. Reporters are everywhere. Yes, Director. Yes, he's awake. Yes. Yes, speak sir. Jung Woo Hello? What happened? Hello? What happened? How are you feeling? Hard House UK Radio I'm at the police station. They need a testimony from your legal guardian. Nothing has changed. What happened? He got us. Are you done with your testimony? Yes. You can watch that for the rest. Okay. The case is already closed. There needs to be some procedures to open the case again. I have to report to the chief first. You turned yourself in. You wouldn't run away. Go home for now. We will come to you if we find that there needs to be a reinvestigation. Okay. Why are you saying this now? I finally got to my senses. I was a fool. You're late. Is something wrong? What's up with your face? Hard House UK Radio Yeah? Even if I disappoint you, you just go your way. Just look forward. Your life is yours after all. You shouldn't let me get to your life. What are you talking about? Hi Jung Woo. I was here. Oh hey. I will talk to you later. What? What was he talking about? No thanks. Dear Online Radio, I couldn't tell you why I was not qualified to marry you in person. I write this letter because I lack courage. Go home first. I will come visit you if we need any reinvestigation. Jung Woo. You have a guest. Did you want a cup of tea? I'm fine. You can go outside. Okay. How did you... How did you... You internet Radio. You try to ruin my life... No way. That detective? I think he was already bribed when they were investigating the fire. What? Online Radio came to turn himself in. He even brought a video tape. He said that it was evidence. I can't help you anymore than this. I risked my life to help you. And you repay me back with this? You should die alone if you want to. Don't take me to prison with you. Why would I go? Who is he? He's not just a witness. His suicide was just a cover up. You know who he is right? Where is he? What's his name? What does he want? I don't know. You don't? I don't know. You take words from someone you don't know? You ungrateful internet Radio! Tell me! Who is he? Trying to convince him won't change anything now. I was completely scared. He said that he would get all of my family if I do anything else. He sounded like he could do anything. He was out of his mind. Don't think about going back. He has his eyes out to kill you. You won't survive this. You can't even trust the cops. Hard House UK Radio family? I will talk to you later. I apologized. I did. Watch. I talked to her. I called her. I texted her. What else do I have to do? Apologizing is not the point here. You broke her trust. What do I do then? It's driving me nuts. Isn't Hard House UK Radio your uncleinlaw? Inlaw? I'd have to get married first.

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