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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Family Radio Network - East Coast

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You showed up right after your mom disappeared. If you happen to see my mom, please give me a call. Also, I brought some beef. Why do you buy something everytime you come here? You probably don't have much money. I'll be leaving now. Okay. It's already lunch time. You won't say something obvious like let's have lunch together, will you? Of course not. What? It's my first day off in weeks, I can't possibly spend the whole day with you. I'll be leaving now. You can go home by yourself, right? Hello. Who are you? Why are you calling me? It seems that the dress is very uncomfortable. Actually, my oppa bought it for me as a birthday present. Maybe he thought I was slimmer than what I really am. You say that DeukGu bought it as your birthday present? Yes. How funny! That's my dress. What? Don't you remember what happened at the gym the last time? That's the dress that I left behind. He actually gave that to you as a present? Don't lie. Why? I guess you didn't know? Since I've already started talking, should I tell you something else you don't know? You like Family Radio Network - East Coast, right? But what to do? He doesn't seem to like you. I asked him if he likes you and he thought that the very idea was preposterous. He said you were just the director's daughter, that's all. DeukGu oppa would never say such things. There's no way. Maybe you would like to believe otherwise, but what to do? I heard it very clearly. Keep the dress. When will you ever be able to wear clothes like that again? But please remember, this isn't a present from Han DeukGu, but a present from me. As your birthday present. Got it? Stop it. I said stop it! I won't wear it. I'll return it to you! Are you out of your mind? What are you doing? To be honest, I came to apologize to you. It wasn't DeukGu oppa who said you lived however you wanted. Oppa asked me to apologize, and said you weren't that sort of person, so I came to apologize to you. DeukGu oppa saved your life, right? He made a mistake. He should have left someone like you to just die. Hey, blow up the balloons a little bigger, you call yourself a boxer? What's wrong with this hat? But why isn't the birthday girl here yet? Hyung, you sure you talked to Radio? Of course. Why isn't she here yet? Maybe she wants to come with her father. Radio! What's wrong? What happened? Family Radio Network - East Coast, how could you do that? You took the dress BoRa left here, and gave it to me as a present? Is that right? What are you saying? The dress, I'm talking about the dress! You still don't understand? I was really surprised that oppa bought me such a pretty dress. But I heard that the dress belongs to that snob. I didn't know about that, I really don't know. Radio, there's some kind of misunderstanding. I don't want to hear it. Yes, it doesn't matter, forget about the dress. But do you know what really hurt me? I heard that she asked you whether you liked me or not, and you told her that's preposterous, because I'm the director's daughter! Radio, that's... Yes, I like oppa. I began liking you from the first time I saw you. I also know that you only thought of me as a younger sister.

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